About LaToyia

& Motivated Mom

About LaToyia

& Motivated Mom

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Hi, I’m LaToyia!

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I’m a wife, a mom, blogger, nonprofit and fundraising expert, and the Motivated Mom. As the Motivated Mom I help moms create strategies for success to live a healthy life of purpose, fully engaged, and financially free by offering motivational, inspirational, and educational content that allows them to fund their dreams and be great women and extraordinary moms without compromising their family life.

My philosophy is being a great woman is essential to being an extraordinary mom. The key to being an extraordinary mom is about living a life of Peace (harmony in the home), Joy (happy with who you are), Love (an unselfish concern for the good of others), and to be PRESENT (not past or future but in the moment). Our children deserve for us to be great women – their super sheros, and extraordinary moms – remarkable examples of how valuable they are.

I’ve worked nearly 20 years as a nonprofit and fundraising expert.  I loved the work that I was doing to further the missions of nonprofit organizations…and I still do.  My life has been an interesting journey. Being The Motivated Mom is one of the best things that has happened to me. Why? Because it gives me an opportunity to contend with myself and share those experiences with you.  You can find content that will motivate, educate and inspire you to be a GREAT WOMAN and an EXTRAORDINARY MOM! 

I was born in Illinois and raised in California. I’m a giving, simply complicated lover of people.  I love being an advocate for children, early education and most of all, Jesus Christ.  I thoroughly enjoy Andre (my hubby), roller skating, Bikram yoga, and reading.  My favorite book in all the world is “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.  As a young adult, it was the first book that I read (other than the Bible) that gave me the power to align myself with my passion. It inspired me to leave my job in corporate America and head to the nonprofit sector.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Hey, thanks for checking in and getting to know me a little better.  I would love the opportunity to get to you know you too. To be a source of motivation, inspiration and education as we travel through the journey of life.  Let’s do it!

A few fun facts about me…

I’ve always wanted to be an actress!

I absolutely LOVE tacos.

I collected more than 250 barbie dolls.

I am a yogi (Bikram Yoga).

Some additional info…

Motivational support has the ability to encourage, make us smile, lift us up, motivate, teach us, and help us live our best life, my goal with The Motivated Moms Movement is to spark that motivational feeling to equip you to live your best life for you and children.  I will share content derived from my top five passions from my Passion Test, they are:

  1. Serving God with a willing heart to do His perfect will for my life
  2. Living a healthy and whole life united with my family
  3. Thoroughly enjoying my marriage to my husband
  4. Being a consistently engaged mom to my son
  5. Living abundantly and financially free

The Motivated Moms has expanded our reach partnering with communities, schools, churches and organizations worldwide to equip and encourage moms. 

Board & Staff

Victouria Major

Staff Administrator

Dorinda Walker

Board Member – CEO at Cultural Solutions Group

Donte Dean

Board Member – CEO a One Vodka and Model

Michael Lee

Board Member – Executive Director at Oasis Center

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