3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your New Year Goals Now

Happy New Year!  I know, we are a few weeks out from the new year, but this is prime time beautiful people!  That’s right, it’s time to start implementing your goals and plans NOW! 




If you’re like me, this year has been FULL.  Full of challenges, scares, and a few epic fails.  It’s also been a crazy year in terms of our political climate, children separated from their parents, senseless violence…you name it.  And while there are so many things that happen out of our control, I strongly suggest you taking a full day, a few days, or a week to think about and clearly write out your plans for 2019.

I like to start with a word.  What “one word” will describe and/or inspire your new year?  If you have not considered this, please do. If you aren’t into the “one word” concept, perhaps you make work better with a theme.  Either way, create an infrastructure for what you’d like to accomplish.  Starting now gives you an opportunity to dig deep and figure out exactly what you want out of the coming year.  Here are 3 reasons why you should Start Now to plan your 2019:

Why wait, tomorrow is not promised. 

I know, I don’t like to talk about death either but it’s true.  Tomorrow is not promised.  I have been dealing with several health issues this year resulting into surgeries, meds etc.  Being unhealthy will give you an appreciation for life like no other.  And it may not even be a physical death, things happen that can restrict us from being as active. Start now, we don’t know what tomorrow may hold.


Why wait, starting is a confidence booster.

Now you know this is true.  Whenever you start something it is an instant confidence booster.  It does not matter if I start washing clothes (I end up cleaning the whole house), or start a health eating plan, or working to grow my business – I feel confident and motivated to keep going.  It’s no different with your New Year plans and goals.  Every small step propels you to take the next step, do the next thing and before you know it you are leaps and bounds ahead of where you imagined you’d be by the end of January.


Why wait, you will be much happier starting now.

I’m telling you, I am so much happier when I am doing what I love and living my dreams.  I have found over the years that I am the only person standing in my way of true happiness.  Don’t wait, get your happy on today!

I truly hope these three short, but powerful tips helped you to start now!  We have a few more weeks before we break through 2019 with horns, hats and confetti.  You may as well go full speed ahead and enter in the New Year with some of your goals started and perhaps even completed…it’s possible!  I will be looking forward to hearing how you were able to cross off a few action items before December 31st by Starting Now!



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