5 Great Things TO Enjoy On A Disney Cruise

5 Great Things To Enjoy On A Disney Cruise

Christmas is just a few months away and I truly enjoy planning for our Christmas break.  In addition to having an opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ, I also enjoy the amount of uninterrupted time that I get to spend with my hubby and son together as a family.  Even though I work from home, I usually adjust my work schedule for the majority of the month of December while Chance is out of school.  It gives me a chance to have a mental break and prepare for the next year, but most importantly he and I can spend mother-son time together doing all the things we love during the holidays.


For years I’ve wanted to plan a destination Christmas, but it’s always been difficult when trying to consider family members.  Not everyone can go, finances may not allow…the list goes on.  However, this year, I was asked to join a group of moms that are planning a Mom & Son Disney Christmas Cruise.  What I love about the plans are, if we go we will not miss Christmas Day with the family. 


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Since we’ve been on a few Disney Cruises, I was asked to share a few details about the Disney Cruise for the moms group, and I thought I’d share my insights with you.   Our first Disney Cruise was aboard the Disney Dream to celebrate Chance’s 6th birthday and serve as our family vacation.  It was one of our favorite family vacations to date.  The second time was aboard the Disney Wonder for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  What a real treat, it was literally 8 months after our first Disney Cruise.



While both cruises were absolutely amazing, there are a few differences on each ship.  The Disney Dream was a tad bit larger than the Wonder and had a few more features…both offered the same amazing service and 5 things you will enjoy while on any Disney Cruise.


1.       Specialized On-Board Activities for Kids:  The Disney Cruises were designed with moms taking trips with their kiddos in mind for sure with spacious, supervised play areas and scheduled activities.  You can register your child(ren) at the port or on the ship. The super cool Disney band serves as a tracker, and allows the Disney cast to keep up with your child while in their care.  Chance loved the kids club, we had to make him come out to enjoy dinner each night.  

2.       Disney Themed Entertainment and Characters: You and your kiddos will have an opportunity to see, meet and greet the Disney Characters. There are specific on-board events that you can schedule in advance, and others that are available at different times throughout the cruise.  You definitely want to take advantage of the movies and live performances.  There’s a themed Deck Party, both times it was Pirate Night for us.  We loved it!  We watched Frozen on the Disney Wonder in the Walt Disney Theatre, it was spectacular.  The Disney Dream is now featuring the musical Beauty and the Beast, I’m sure it will be just as amazing as the others.

3.       Cruise Restaurant Experiences and Good Food: Every night the family will have reservations at a different restaurant and their specific time for dinner.  The restaurants are all amazing, and your wait staff follows you each night.  We loved our wait staff, and they treated us as if they had known us our whole lives.  They remembered our favorite drinks, and even remember to sing a happy birthday song with cake to Chance during our family vacation on the Dream, and me during the Social Media Moms Celebration on the Wonder.  There are also other places to eat or grab a healthy snack on the ship. We LOVED the ice cream, it is the best ice cream we’ve ever had.  We talked about it for weeks.  The banana flavor was a family favorite.

4.       Castaway Cay, the Disney Private Island:  Castaway Cay is in the Bahamas. The island offers so many super fun activities.  You can rent snorkeling kits, floating tricycles, and bikes.  There are amazing excursions available as well, things like glass bottom boat trips.  I even participated in the Castaway Cay 5K!  I would love to say that I was surprised that Disney has its own island, but I am not.  It’s Disney they have their own Land and World for that matter.  You will absolutely love Castaway Cay!

5.       No Kids Allowed, Adults Only Area: Now I know you aren’t wanting adult time away from your kids, but if you are (and I’m not judging) you will certainly have that opportunity on the ship.  There are tons of activities for adults only aboard the Disney Cruise.  Yup, you can check your kids into the kid’s club and go to the adult only pool, night club or mixology class at the bar.  There’s also a private beach for adults only at Castaway Cay.  During our family vacation, my mother had a ball at the adults only pool, and we were able to experience it for ourselves during the Social Media Moms Celebrationit was spectacular!


I can go on and on talking about the amazing things that you can do aboard a Disney Cruise.  I’d say the best part about both times we cruised with Disney, it was the experience.  The Disney Cruise is a magical experience!


Are you ready to book your Disney Cruise?  If you are planning a cruise in the future, or maybe you want to find out more about the Very Merrytime Disney Cruises, please visit the website for the many options.  There are cruises from three to seven nights to the Bahamas and the Caribbean with a stop at Castaway Cay.  The ships will be decorated with Christmas trees and lights, sure to put you in a joyous mood. 



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  1. My college graduation is approaching and my parents have been talking about getting me a cruise trip as a gift. I would love to do a Disney Cruise with friends.

  2. Disney cruise is a dream. I hope to get there someday. My sister and I often think alike and we like to experience seeing Disney themed entertainment and characters in a heartbeat. The food, I’m sure, would be shaped in Disney characters as well.

  3. With a phobia of being out on the water a cruise has never been on my bucket list until the Disney Cruises were launched. We’re hoping that next year’s family trip will be an affordable cruise for kids of all ages to enjoy. With boys,13 years old and 7 years old I know we’ll need lots of activities to keep them busy and a handful of ways for the adults to relax.

  4. I feel guilty for wanting to leave my kiddos at home while I go on a cruise. This would be the perfect solution with it having an adult’s area. The kid’s area would be an ideal place to occupy them while I have some alone time with my hubby.

  5. When the kids were little, their grandparents took them on a Disney cruise and I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun they had. I’m sure a lot has changed over the years. I love all of the activities they have for the kids and also the incredible food. x

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