Home Organization Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Are you like me and need a few home organization tips? Do you get tired of wasting time looking for things that you need only to be unable to find them? Life is so much easier when things are organized and you can go right to what you need. Here are a few home organization tips I use to make life easier.  I am happy to share them with you.



Home Organizations Tips

Label Everything

Labels are an inexpensive way to keep everything organized and to make your life easier. You can use labels on shelves, totes and storage boxes, file folders, cabinet doors, and more. Having things labeled makes your life easier because you know where everything is supposed to go. It also helps your spouse and children to know exactly where to put things away.



Use Clear Containers for Kids Rooms

You may like using colorful containers and bins in the rest of your home, but if you want your kids to do their part in putting their things away, use clear storage containers for them. That way they can see exactly what is supposed to go where and there is no excuse for not putting things away.



Keep a Donation Box

Do you constantly find things that you no longer need that would be good to donate to others? Keep a donation box somewhere out of the way in your home and when the box is full drop it off. Having a box waiting for these donations keeps them out of the way and keeps you from having clutter that you don’t need scattered around your home. Once the box is full take it and drop it off and congratulate yourself on removing just a little more clutter from your home.



Organize your Pantry and Fridge

Organize your pantry and your refrigerator in a way where you can see and use what you have inside of them. Food waste can put an unnecessary strain on your budget and the environment, so make sure you aren’t wasting food you have spent your hard-earned money on. You can use clear storage containers in the fridge and in the pantry. You might also consider top-loading can racks for your pantry. This way, the oldest cans get used up first.



Drawer Dividers

Buy yourself, or repurpose some drawer storage containers. If you want to keep it budget-friendly, you can use items like washed berry containers inside your drawers. These containers can keep similar items together, such as batteries, hair ties, and pens. Having storage containers inside your drawers prevents them from becoming junk drawers, and you can easily find what you need. I also like to have my undies, socks, and bras organized.



Lazy Susan

You may have a lazy Susan on your dining room table, but they can be used for organizing, too. Put one in your spice cabinet or pantry to quickly find what you need. You can also put one in the pantry or the refrigerator to hold your condiments. Just give it a spin and grab what you need.



Keep Cleaning Supplies in the Bathroom

Instead of keeping all of your cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink, consider keeping the supplies under the bathroom sink. This will save you time and might even encourage another family member to take turns cleaning because all the products they need are there.

These are just a few simple home organization tips that can help make your life a little bit easier. Do you have more home organization tips to make life easier to share?



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  1. Your home organization tips are fantastic! They’re practical and easy to implement, making life more efficient. I appreciate your willingness to share these valuable insights. Looking forward to more helpful advice from you!

  2. i love to label everything too, even the obvious stuff and it helps so much.. now i also have smartlabels – an app that is helping me organize around the home so much

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