5 Things I Learned At #DisneySMMC To Grow My Business

WOW! I can hardly believe we are in the fourth quarter of 2018…where did the time go?  Seriously, I feel like I just celebrated my birthday which is in the month of February.  I sat down to prepare my Q4 plan and thought GEESH I am behind!!!

I started walking through my year trying to determine what I spent my time on and came across notes I wrote from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  I was inspired all over again, it was if I was sitting in the theatre aboard the Disney Dream with some of my favorite bloggers learning ways to be better.


Photo Credit: Disney

Usually planning gives me anxiety.  I suppose it’s because in years past, I felt that I needed to do SO much and I stretched myself way too thin.  This year was different, as I sat on my sofa with my calendar, my notes, and a blank sheet of paper with “God’s Will” at the top and directly below it “Q4 + 2019 Goals,” I had an overwhelming sense of peace.  I was ready to create a strategic plan for my blog that aligned with my passions and priorities and not completely based on profit but would certainly generate it.




During the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I wrote down 5 things I learned to help grow my business, and I thought now is a great time for me to incorporate these things into my plan.  As I looked at the list I was thinking…. wow, I just wrote the list and nothing to accommodate the idea?  But the more I read over my take-a-ways the more I understood.  It’s self-explanatory – these are the things that I am doing to grow my blog business: 

  1. Explore Creative Alternatives

  2. Create Emotionally Engaging Video Content

  3. Keep up With Social Trends

  4. Give More of Yourself

  5. Create More Content

Now, some of these things will be easier for me than others.  For example, exploring creative alternatives for me means finding HELP in the form of a great virtual assistant which will be a piece of cake in comparison to creating emotionally engaging video content.  Not because I am not emotional at times…LOL, but because I get so nervous with video. 


Nonetheless, I am committed to using all that I learned at the Disney Social Media Celebration to grow my blog business and take my platform to another level.  I think I am most excited about “giving more of myself” to all that I do.  I believe with my whole heart that passion makes complacency uncomfortable, so stay tuned…I am giving you more of me…more of my heart….more of my testimony….more of the truths that changed my life!



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