Beaches Resorts: They Know What Matters Most

I couldn’t believe it!!!   I received the email extending an invitation to Beaches Social Media on the Sand event. It was perfect timing.  I had just received some not-so-good news from my doctor and an October trip in Turks and Caicos was just the medicine I needed.  I discussed the trip with my husband (I just told him that we were going) and the countdown began.  All I could see was white sand, clear blue water, tanning oil, and cocktails with umbrellas in them.


Photo Credit: Beaches Resorts

As we moved into the summer, I began receiving surprise gifts from the team at Beaches.  Just the cutest stuff – a calendar, stickers, a marker to countdown the days, refrigerator magnets, you name it.  I was giddy with excitement and felt blessed to be part of such a wonderful opportunity for me and my family.



Sometime later, another surprise gift arrived, and it was the difference maker for me.  Our box included a backpack, a Beaches Kids drawstring bag, a Beaches Bound button, a pamphlet about the Sandals Foundation, and a nice and thoughtful note entitled “Pack for a Good Cause”. I immediately went from excited about visiting the property and learning more about Beaches, to extremely privileged to work with a company with such a huge heart.



I LOVE philanthropy!  Making a difference in the lives of people, especially underserved individuals brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face.  As I read through the brochure (smiling at every single page) I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude and sense of responsibility.  I began looking forward to truly getting to know the Beaches and Sandals Foundation team so that I can find out how I can play a bigger role in the impact through the Foundation.

You all know that I am quick to host a fundraiser or start a campaign to benefit an initiative that I care about and the Sandals Foundation caught my attention at the very first sentence of their Promise. 

Our Promise: Each time a child learns to read, or a community center opens its doors, our promises are fulfilled…” – Sandals Foundation

Photo Credit: Beaches Resorts

As I continued to read through the enormous impact they are making through education, community and environmental programs – especially education I couldn’t help but to think about A Chance to Learn.  All children, regardless of their household income deserves a chance to learn, and the Sandals Foundation is doing their part to help children and adults an opportunity to reach their full potential.  It’s good stuff, I promise, it’s good stuff. 

So, Beaches Resorts knows what matters most.  I am looking forward to attending the Social Media on the Sand Conference at the beautiful Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort with my family. I am equally looking forward to learning more about the impact being made through the Sandals Foundation and partnering with them to do more!  Follow the #BeachesMoms for updates, photos, and deals to book your next vacation at a Beaches Resort.



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