A Few Of The Best Fourth Of July Celebrations

On July Fourth towns and cities all across the United States will have BBQs, parades, and celebrations before they release explosives into the air for an impressive fireworks display. But, not all Fourth of July celebrations are created equal, some are simply better than others. Here’s a list of some of the best Fourth of July celebrations in the United States. 

The Best Fourth of July Celebrations in the United States


Photo Credit: Boston.com


Boston may be home to one of the most famous Fourth of July celebrations in the United States. Every year the Boston Pops puts on a live performance which has been aired live every year across the country for more than 30 years. This several hour-long event includes an impressive fireworks display that never disappoints.


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Washington DC

Washington DC is the second of the two on this list which has annual televised Fourth of July celebrations. In DC they celebrate with having some of the biggest musicians in the world performing before they light up the sky.


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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is already a 24-hour party so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that they go all out when it comes to the Fourth of July. You’ve still got all the great parties you expect from Las Vegas, add in some fireworks on top and you’ll wonder why anyone goes to Vegas any other time of year.


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Every year Seattle is home to a massive Fourth of July Fair with food vendors, live music, pie eating competitions, and a beer garden. The day ends with an impressive fireworks display over Lake Union. Plus, neighborhoods around Seattle celebrate the day with parades as well as more food and live music.


Photo Credit: fourthofjuly.com

San Francisco

San Francisco is abuzz with activity all day on the Fourth of July. Around Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf you can find fantastic local cover bands performing from lunchtime until late. When the sun goes down the annual fireworks show lights up the sky. If you schedule it ahead of time you can see the show from one of the popular sightseeing boats which offer special cruises just for the fireworks.


Photo Credit: fourthofjulyusa.com

Charleston, South Carolina

For a taste of southern hospitality with your Fourth of July head to Charleston, South Carolina which is home of the biggest Fourth of July fireworks display in the south. They also have food trucks and music to entertain throughout the day leading up to the big show.


Photo Credit: Oroville Pinterest

Oroville, CA

There are a lot of great small town Fourth of July events all around the country but if there was one I would pick to go to above all others it would be Oroville, California. They have a number of concerts around town and an amazing patriotic atmosphere. The town has been hard hit in recent years after making news around the world when Oroville Dam was at risk of bursting which resulted in the town evacuating and tourism around the lake to dry up. They don’t always manage to raise the funds to host a fireworks show, but when they do it is a spectacular light show over Lake Oroville that lasts for 30 minutes. 

I would love to hear what you have planned for the Fourth of July.  I am usually celebrating with my little brother, it’s his birthday.  This years, I will be attending Essence Festival for a few reasons…..one is my book Hatch Leap Soar is being featured at Essence I will host a book signing on Sunday, and I will be helping my good friend Yvonne produced several of the Essence After Dark events.  So, what are you doing?



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