Fun Stocking Stuffers The Whole Family Will Love

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Christmas is coming, so it’s time to shop for stocking stuffers.  In addition to shopping for gifts under the tree, it’s time to start looking for fun, unique gifts to fill the stocking. For some people, stocking stuffers are often the most challenging gifts to buy.  Not for me; it’s my favorite thing to shop for.  I love personalizing stockings and filling them with all of the things my recipient will love!  You want them to be fun, but it’s nice to give gifts that will be useful too. Here are some ideas for fun but practical stocking stuffers that your whole family will love!

Fuzzy Socks

It’s cold outside, and some colorful fuzzy socks are perfect for keeping those toes comfy and warm. You can find fuzzy socks for the whole family in various colors and prints that they will love. This is a stocking stuffer that is practical and fun!



Hats, Gloves, and Mittens

Again, winter weather is coming if it hasn’t arrived already, so hats, gloves, mittens, and even scarves are practical gifts that fit perfectly inside a stocking. You can find colors or characters that best fit each family member. They will stay toasty warm all winter long and think of you when they wear their winter gear.



 Lotions and Lip Balms

Lotions and lip balms are not just for the ladies on your Christmas list. Dry winter air can do a number on your lips and skin, so moisturizers like lotion and lip balm are a perfect stocking stuffer that can later be slipped into a pocket or purse!



Art Supplies

Art supplies make a perfect, practical stocking stuffer if you have an artist in the family or kids who love making crafts—scented markers, stickers, colorful washi tape, modeling clay, and so much more. Art supplies tend to be small, so they fit perfectly in a stocking, and you can include a variety. I love these skin tone markers!



Pocket Charger

A portable pocket charger for your cell phone can come in handy, and they fit nicely in a stocking too. You can find chargers that will completely recharge a cell phone several times off of one charge of its own. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for tweens and teens, and they can come in handy for moms and dads, too, especially if your younger kids leave home without charging their devices!



Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are stocking stuffers that the whole family can enjoy. Great for keeping your drinks cold while you are on the go. You can even get personalized bottles for each member of the family.



Snacks & Sweet Treats

Snacks are a fun but practical stocking stuffer you know everyone will enjoy. Hot chocolate bombs, herbal tea, beef jerky, chocolate, a favorite bag of chips, or a piece of fruit all fit nicely inside of a stocking, and you can pick snacks for each person on your stocking stuff list according to their favorite snacks.


Pocket Flashlights and Multi-tools


Pocket flashlights and multi-tools also make excellent practical stocking stuffers. You can never have too many flashlights, and multi-tools aren’t just for dads. They can come in handy in a backpack or mom’s purse too!



These are just a few fun but practical stocking stuffers that your family might enjoy this Christmas. What are your favorite kinds of practical, fun stocking stuffers are your favorite to give and receive?












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