Mother's Day Books Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Books Gift Guide

Moms love a good book they can curl up with after the kids have gone to bed or in those few moments of peace before dinner has to be started. That’s what makes them such fantastic Mother’s Day gifts. I’ve put together a list of books that the Mom in your life will love this year.


a mother's day book gift guide


Becoming – Michelle Obama

Becoming is the inspirational story of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s life. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago to her life as a working Mom and her time spent in the White House. It’s a deeply personal story full of wit and inspiration for the modern mother. It’s a bestselling book that people haven’t stopped talking about since it released.


The Age of Light – Whitney Scharer

The Age of Light is the next big romance novel that everyone is going to be quietly whispering about. Oprah, Entertainment Weekly, and many others have called it one of the most anticipated books of 2019 and it isn’t hard to see why. It is a steamy escape from reality in a historic fictional retelling of the life of American photographer Lee Miller. It makes a great gift for the Mom who loves reading romances.


Women in Sunlight – Frances Mayes

If the mother in your life loved Under the Tuscan Sun then she is sure to love Women in Sunlight. It is the story of four older American women who form an amazing bond in Tuscany. Film rights for the book have already been picked up.  It may very well be that we will see Women in Sunlight on the big screen in the next couple of years. This book would make an amazing gift for any empty nester or just anyone who loved Under the Tuscan Sun and dreams of moving to a gorgeous far away place.


The Art of Discarding – Nagisa Tatsumi

Marie Kondo fever has spread all over the world and chances are the Mom in your life has already read all of her books. (Though if you know she hasn’t, get her those!) If she’s a fan of Marie Kondo snag her a copy of The Art of Discarding.  This book nspired Marie Kondo and allowed her to become the phenomenon she is today. The book focuses on decluttering, reflection, and freeing yourself from “accumulation syndrome” to find new joy in life.


I Love Mom with the Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle

Chances are that if you’ve been a kid at any point in time since 1969 you’re familiar with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It has sold 50 million copies worldwide since it was released. So it’s no wonder that a book for Mothers starring the Very Hungry Caterpillar has caught the world’s imagination. It’s a small enough book that young kids can read it to their mothers and melt hearts.


Hatch Leap Soar – LaToyia Dennis

Hatch Leap Soar will show you that you are just three steps away from transforming into your best self.  It’s just like a baby bird sitting in their egg waiting to hatch. No matter where you are in your life this motivational book will help you find the way to get to the life you want to be living. Hatch Leap Soar comes out on May 15th, just in time for Mother’s Day! I’ve been working on it for years and I cannot wait to help you and your mother realize your full potential and soar.


Now you may notice that my last recommendation is my personal book.  Yes, my very first published book is now available for preorder on Amazon and will be released in bookstores everywhere on May 15th.  I am so super excited, please support me and order your copy today!




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