Grow Your Business By Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat

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Are you like me and absolutely love a good book?  I have to admit; I didn’t read many books last year as I was in the midst of writing my own.  However, I plan to make up for it this year.  So far, I have read four books including Pulling Profits Out of a Hat by Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt.

This book came at the perfect time.  You see, I am celebrating my third year of blogging and it is becoming clearer to me that I can truly make a full-time salary from what once was solely a passion project.  Reading this book helped me get focused and learn what I needed to know to grow my business.  I am in the middle of reorganizing my business model and strategy to reflect a concise monetization plan, and this book helped me tremendously.  What I found immediately in reading this book is that I was overlooking areas of my business that carried a huge opportunity for revenue.  I was all in from that point on.




I believe that we will achieve to the level of our exposure.  This books is a great way to be exposed to expert-level knowledge on different topics.  Pulling Profits is an example of that.  This book will help you open your eyes to your greatness and build exponential growth.   One of the most impactful chapters to me was chapter nine, dealing with people.  I Realized the person that I needed to deal with most was me. This quote that stuck with me, and caused me to determine how I lead, it said, “True leadership always begins with the inner person.  The character of a leader begins with their heart and will filter into the entire organization and its employees.”  While I have heard this before, it was encouraging to read it again and focus my energy on what’s in my heart and grow my business from there.

The other critically important component of this book to me is The Five Disciplines.  The Five Disciplines are simple and easy ways to think about your business in ways that fosters an environment or improvement and growth.  I am going to give an overview of the disciplines, if you want more you should definitely grab a copy of this book.



  1. The Discipline of Strategy – Sustainability: This breaks down your business strategy in two parts, your goal (where you want to go), and your plan (how you plan to get there).
  2. The Discipline of Business Development – Predictably: Focus on people instead of profit.  “Predictability creates sustainability, and predictability comes from understanding the causes of past growth to calculate future exponential growth.”  
  3. The Discipline of People – Stability: Of all five disciplines, this one was by far my favorite.  As a leader of a business it is our job to build people, and the people will build the business.
  4. The Discipline of Execution – Consistency: Creating a consistent culture where customers and staff have the same experience…an enjoyable one.
  5. The Discipline of Mission – Emotional Connection: You will hear more from me on this discipline alone. It is about social responsibility.  “Social responsibility means more than making a positive difference in the lives of our employees and our communities, it involves creating positive change in the world.”



I did not want to give you too much; I truly don’t want to spoil it for you.  If you choose to purchase this book, I want you to read it with an open mind.  Not looking for the things that stuck out to me.  Seriously, Pulling Profits Out of a Hat is full of helpful tips and strategies to grow your business and change your life.  It helps you to think futuristically by being in the present.  Being present is a life changing strategy in all areas of life.  Being present helps us be better moms, better people.

Are you interested in becoming a better person?  Are you wanting to learn ways to grow your business and change your financial life?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then purchase a copy of this book.  This book is available where fine books are sold, including Amazon.  Snag your copy today friends.





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