How Dopamine Dressing Can Improve Your Life

As early as 2017 people have been writing about dopamine dressing. But in 2022 it is finally going to be going to the mainstream! I’ll explain everything you need to know about dopamine dressing and why you should be doing it too.

What is Dopamine Dressing?

If you’ve seen this new trend mentioned recently but you aren’t really sure what it’s all about, I was in the same place a few months ago so let me fill you in. Dopamine dressing is quite simply dressing in exciting colors, usually during winter or other depressing times with the intention of boosting your mood. It might sound a little woowoo, but it actually works! I know what you’re thinking, but no, it doesn’t have to be bright neon colors or something totally out there for your personal style! Simply wear a color that brings you joy. None of this wearing gray in the middle of winter. Wear bright white or a bright shade of red if that’s what gets you excited. Yellow and orange are popular choices for a lot of people, which is why you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of them on store shelves this year. It’s like dreaming of a beach vacation while you’re knee deep in snow.


Who is Dopamine Dressing for?

Honestly? Everyone! This isn’t a fashion trend that is limited by age or gender. Think of the pure joy on a little girl’s face when she’s wearing a brightly colored dress. It’s a joy that is infectious. That infectious joy works on adults too. Someone wearing a bright color on a dreary day gives you a little bit of excitement, the same as you might get from biting into some chocolate or buying something for yourself. It works on men too! It might be a brightly colored suit, or a button up shirt that makes a statement. And it’s even a trend you might recognize in those guys who wear fun colorful socks.


What is Dopamine?

Just in case you aren’t familiar with it, dopamine is the chemical our bodies create that makes us feel good. We get it from hearing a song we like, going shopping, and winning games. It’s also what makes some things so addictive, like playing video games. Those video games are designed to press the button in your brain that creates dopamine. So before you know it, you’ve spent 10 hours playing Among Us.


How to Dopamine Dress

Dopamine dressing isn’t just about wearing bright colors, though for a lot of people that’s exactly what it is! Dopamine dressing generally speaking is wearing colors that excite you. When you wear a suit, wear a colorful one or one with a pattern on it. If you’re in a strict black suit type of company, go nuts with ties, socks, and accessories. Perhaps you work somewhere where you wear scrubs, look for some with fun patterns, if you’re allowed to. On your day off wear whatever colors make you happiest! Forget about dressing for the season. Go wild! Wear leopard print. Break out the stripes. It’s all good because it’s all about what makes you happy.

Oh and it’s not just about the color! Though color plays a bit role. Wear the types of clothes that you feel good in. If you love leggings, go for it. If you love floor length skirts, GO. FOR. IT. Silk? Cotton? Wool? If it makes you happy, have fun!

Words of Warning

Now, there are a few words of warning. Dopamine dressing, no matter how fun it is, is never going to get you out of a depression on its own. It’s a small boost, like your morning cup of coffee. It can be a powerful tool when used alongside other types of self care but just like cereal won’t help you lose weight on its own, wearing yellow pants won’t cure your depression. If you are really and truly depressed please see a medical professional.

There also seems to be something about the color blue…unless it happens to be your absolute favorite color…blue is kind of gray when it comes to being able to improve your mood. So, maybe don’t pick blue unless you really love it. Oddly though, gray can absolutely be a color that picks you up! If it’s a shade you love.


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