Celebrating Women’s Health Month From Home

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It may seem harder to find things to celebrate while at home, May brings about a spirit of new beginnings.  It’s a friendly reminder to cherish what’s most important—our health! Celebrating National Women’s Health month from the comfort of your own home can offer a great beacon of gratitude. It can be a great source of inspiration during these challenging times, especially for all the dedicated mothers out there! Take a peek at the different ways to rejoice in your health as a woman and refocus on your goals.

Cook a recipe out of your comfort zone

Stuck all day indoors can lead to some creativity in the kitchen, so why not try something new and healthy? There are many benefits to eating a balanced diet, like fighting disease, better sleep, and losing weight. Therefore, take this time to cook a delicious meal you’ll feel good about too!  

Trying out fun recipes you can make with kids is not only a bonding experience, but a way to take care of your body. Furthermore, in honor of Women’s Health Month, take some time to consider the specific nutrition needs that women have, and try making a small adjustment to better your own health during this time. Women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Since calcium is an essential mineral that can reduce your risk of osteoporosis, you might decide to try out a new recipe. In addition, you can pass this idea onto your family to ensure that their diets are contributing to their health. This can help them feel their best—even while you might be staying in at home.

Try a virtual workout

Maybe you’ve always been a gym rat and are missing your time there, National Women’s Health month is a great place to test out a virtual workout. There are specific workouts you can do using household items, so don’t let your lack of fancy equipment keep you from celebrating your health in this way.

Similarly, there are several gyms, influencers, and apps that offer free guided workout classes. You might even want to try to find a class that the whole family can partake in to  simultaneously building a stronger family.

Celebrate your successes

Everyone’s health journey will look different and come with varying challenges— so applaud yourself for how far you’ve come. Or, if you’re just starting out, embrace the beginning of this process by setting some longer-term goals to help you stay on track. Leading a healthier lifestyle not only means that you’re supporting your family to live longer, more energetic lives, but you can also be saving yourself money down the road!  

In fact, the state of your health has the ability to impact your wallet in various ways. Therefore, consider for a minute all you’re able to save, while still making positive strides in your health journey. For example, life insurance rates will vary depending on your current physical health. Because certain conditions can be prevented simply by following a healthier lifestyle.  Taking the initiative to lose weight to lower cholesterol or eliminating nicotine use to reduce the risk of cancer would be in your best interest. Dropping these bad habits and focusing on your health can also help lock in lower life insurance rates when it comes to your policy. Life insurance is especially important to consider as you grow your family—and with your healthier lifestyle, there is no better way to save some extra cash.  

Plan for the future

With your extra hours at home, set aside some time to make plans that will ensure a healthier future for your mind and body. Women’s Health Month is to spread awareness about the beneficial and preventative steps women can take in their everyday lives. But being a mom, finding time to incorporate these changes into your life may take a little planning—that’s okay!

Start with scheduling your doctor appointments ahead of time as a priority amidst the hundreds of other duties you have as a mother. Neglecting your own health now might not seem like a big deal, but the negative impacts, later on, might just be greater than you imagined. In regards to the current circumstances, understand that there are online options available to receive healthcare, and professionals are available online to answer questions. Take this time to be proactive for your needs so you can, in turn, provide and better support your family’s needs.          

Remember that by taking care of yourself, you can better take care of your family! Use May as a period of refocus and celebration of the strong woman you are. Stay safe!  


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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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  1. I think it is important to remember that everyone’s journey won’t look the same. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Great tips. This pandemic gave us a really great opportunity to just slow down and take more care about our health. I agree with you , healthy mom means healthy family.

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