6 Things You Can Do To Stay Calm During A Crisis

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Staying calm during a crisis sounds simple, but the reality is when you are living through a crisis staying calm is one of the hardest things to do. But, if you follow these 6 steps you will find yourself staying calm and collected during any crisis.


Step Away from Media

The news, internet, and social media are all filled with things that will add stress to your life. That’s why, if you’re going through a crisis, be it personal or a global pandemic its important to step away. Stop watching the news, don’t browse social media, and stay off the internet. They will all add to your building pile of stress and it might just be enough to make you crumble.


Put Down the Caffeine

Caffeine is the world’s go-to, especially when times are stressful. But what many don’t realize is that they are actually adding to their stress when they do that! It gives you a boost of adrenaline that is followed by a crash.  While it may make your mind clear for a few minutes, the positive benefits will end and that may make it more difficult for you to achieve anything. If it’s a comforting warm drink you’re after try an herbal tea instead. I am not judging, I am trying to slowly stop drinking so much coffee myself.


Take Care of Yourself

Often times, especially in a crisis our own needs get put aside as we take care of others. But, while this may seem completely natural it is actually the worst thing you can do in a crisis. You need to take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others. You can’t help anyone if you’re laid up in bed sick because you pushed yourself so hard you left yourself open to getting sick. So take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, make sure you’re eating enough and eating healthy foods.  Also get some exercise, and take time for your mental health by going on solo walks or journaling.

Keep in Touch

When you’re in the middle of a crisis it can be easy for you to lose touch with your family and friends. But, those family and friends can help! Even if they live miles away, just hearing a familiar voice, or seeing a friendly face can be enough to help you get through those difficult times.


Stay Positive

Staying positive goes back to taking care of yourself, specifically it is about taking care of your mental health. Keep your mind healthy by avoiding social media,  self-caring, staying in touch with family, and avoiding negativity. I know, when times are hard staying positive isn’t always easy. But one way you can do that is with a gratitude journal in which you write down everything you are grateful for every day.


Be Prepared

Finally, be as prepared as you can be. Have an emergency fund of at least $1,000 though 3-6 months of living expenses would be even better. Have at least 2 weeks worth of food stored in your house at all times. Have a first aid kit at home with a little bit more than just bandaids. When you’re prepared, when you have these things to fall back on it can make a crisis seem much smaller than it is.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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