6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

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Spring is a great time to clean, but it’s not just for house. It’s the opportunity for a fresh start after a long, hard winter. This is a great time to do a bit of cleaning up on your mind, yes I’m talking about spring cleaning your mind! Here are a few things you can do to clean and clear your mind to prepare you for achieving greatness in the year ahead.

Give Up on a Grudge

You may not realize it because it isn’t always at the forefront of your mind but grudges carry a weight to them. That weight, added with others from stress and daily life all begin to add up. Consider all the grudges you are holding in your life. Is there one that you didn’t even realize you had? Or maybe an old one and that person is long out of your life? These are the ones that are easiest to let go. Letting go doesn’t mean you have to get back in touch with that person, or even do anything different. Just…choose to forget about it and move on.

Embrace Quiet Time

It can be difficult to do, but with some practice, you can learn to embrace quiet time and even crave it. We all need some quiet time to let our minds unwind, be clean and wander as they will. For many, this takes the form of daily meditation but you can also get it from relaxing in a bubble bath, or going for a walk alone in the woods. Just give your mind some time to process whatever it lands on.

Try Journaling

If you aren’t already doing it then give journaling a try. I’ve found the most therapeutic for me was free writing. This is where you just write about everything and anything that comes to your mind until you feel like you’re done. Don’t do any research, just let the words flow and see where you end up. You can read it when you finish or you can close it and never look at it again. Which you do is entirely up to you. Gratitude journaling is also incredibly helpful ways to clean and clear out negative thoughts. In it, you make a list every day of everything you are grateful for.

Make a To Do List

Having to keep track of everything you need to do is exhausting and unless you’re writing down everything you are going to forget something eventually, it’s just a fact of life. But with a to do list you can write down what you need to do and forget about it! With a digital to do list, you can take it a step further and set yourself deadlines and reminders. My favorite app for To Do Lists is Todoist. I use it to arrange every part of my life from work projects, to writing blog posts, to reminding myself to pick up milk.

Set Deadlines for Those “I’d really like to” Projects

We all have those projects that we’d really like to do. Maybe it’s a genius app idea or maybe it’s sewing your kids’ Halloween costume yourself this year (like you’ve been wanting to do for years). Well, now is the time for you to do it! Pick one of those projects and set yourself a deadline. Don’t just set the deadline and forget it though. Take the first steps towards making it a reality. Then take a few more. Schedule time for your project as often as you can. But also be willing to accept that there just isn’t enough time in the world for you to do all your ideas. I have a section on Todoist called Ideas and that is where I dump all of the ideas I come up with. If I have time and a desire to start a new project, then I go to my list.

Forgive Yourself

Finally, find it in your heart to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever it is that weighs on your heart and on your mind. Maybe it is the fact that you have those project ideas but you never manage to see them through. Or maybe it is something else entirely. But now is the time to forgive yourself.

Are you feeling the need for a little cleaning?  I know I was and it helped me out a lot.  Please friends take time to spring clean your home and your mind, especially during this pandemic.  It’s necessary….start today!


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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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