A Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Kid’s Bedroom

What’s better after a long and miserable winter locked indoors than a good spring clean? Okay, I can think of a few things better, but it’s the perfect time to refresh your home. Now I realize that some of you are still experiencing winter weather…. I’m sorry, that is bananas!



One of the most challenging rooms to clean is, of course, the kid’s bedroom. You’ve got sticky little fingers and who knows what might be living under the bed! To help you make sure you get everything here’s a spring cleaning checklist for kid’s bedrooms.


·         Sort toys into keep, outgrown and broken

·         Check batteries in toys and alarms

·         Wipe Down Toy Chests and favorite toys

·         Sort books into keep, outgrown and broken

·         Clean Winter clothes and put in storage, donate any that aren’t likely to fit

·         Break out the spring and summer clothes and wash them

·         Wash bedding

·         Clean out each drawer and reorganize

·         Clean Clothes that are dirty or smell dusty

·         Donate Clothes that have been outgrown

·         Clean out the trash bin and give it a deep clean

·         Clean out the laundry bin and give it a deep clean

·         Flip and rotate mattress

·         Sprinkle Baking Soda on the bed, let it sit and vacuum it up

·         Move the bed to clean under it

·         Plump up the pillows and see if they need new ones

·         Clear Out the Dust bunnies and Cobwebs

·         Dust shelves and electronics

·         Clean the ceiling fan blades

·         Clean out the closet

·         Organize storage bins

·         Clean the Windows

·         Clean the Window Tracks

·         Clean Window Blinds or Curtains

·         Clean the Door and Door Handle

·         Wash the Light Fixtures and Switches

·         Wash the Walls

·         Give any rugs a deep clean

·         Vacuum/Sweep and Mop


When you’re cleaning the walls don’t just clean at their level. Kid’s sticky fingerprints can end up in the most unlikely of places, including the ceiling if they’ve had a boost from a grown up. Don’t forget to clean the outside of the window! This is a great time to do it so your child can enjoy the full clean experience all in one go.


Once you’ve followed all these steps you’ll have a nice collection of clothes, books, and toys you can donate or put up for sale on Facebook if they’re gently used. The bedroom will be left smelling fresh and clean which means your kids will be eager to play in their room again. Most importantly it will be a place you’re happy to walk into. If your kids are old enough this is the perfect time to introduce a cleaning schedule that they’re a part of.  This way the next time spring cleaning for kid’s bedrooms rolls around you won’t be worried so much about picking up toys and you’ll be able to spend less time on the room. 


Have you started spring cleaning in your home?  I certainly hope this advice helps you get your home tidy and ready for summer!



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