10 Ways To Freshen Up Your Bedroom

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The end of Winter is finally approaching and that means Spring is on the way which means it’s time to freshen up. With nature about to refresh and renew its room (outside) now is a great time for you to do the same. By now your house, and especially your bedroom are likely feeling a bit stuffy. Here are 10 ways to freshen up your bedroom after a long winter.



Baking Soda on the Mattress

Mattresses are a haven for bacteria, sweat, and dead skin that builds up over time. Take off all the bedding and rub some baking soda into the mattress for to freshen up. Leave it to sit for 30 minutes then come back and vacuum the baking soda off. You can flip the mattress and to the same on the other side too.


Hang your Blankets Outside

Hanging all your bedding outside where they’ll get air while your mattress is getting cleaned will leave you with amazing feeling blankets that will go a little bit longer without being washed.


Add Some Color

Adding a few splashes of bright new colors in your room will make you enjoy your bedroom in an all-new way. It will make the room exciting to look at again and get you in the mood for warmer weather.


Open the Window

It might still be a little bit cold but there are few things that make a room feel better than opening a window and letting fresh air inside. How long has it been since you last opened that window? Chances are it has been a while and the air in the room is stale and you didn’t even realize it.


Spring Declutter

In the Winter bedrooms have this way of collecting things that don’t belong there or things that are simply waiting to be put away. This is a great time to declutter and get the room looking great for Spring.


Wash the Walls with Vinegar

Believe it or not your walls are magnets for bad smells. One way to get rid of those smells naturally is to wipe down the walls with vinegar. It will smell quite strongly at first but if you do this early enough in the day and keep the window open the smell will be gone before you’re ready for bed. The smell will disappear as the vinegar dries.


Dust Drawers

Pull everything out of all the drawers in your bedroom and give the drawers a good dusting. Dust collects in these and every time you open a drawer that dust goes flying into the air. This is also a great time to evaluate everything you keep in your drawers and see if there is anything you want to donate that you aren’t using.


Buy A Few Plants

Not only do plants bring life into a room depending on the type of plant you get you could be cleaning the air in the room. NASA has a list of common houseplants that clean the air in a room. Or you could get something like lavender which will help you sleep, even when it doesn’t have any flowers.


Organize Clothes

This is the time of year when you put away your winter clothes and get ready for spring. Get rid of anything you don’t love and organize the rest neatly in your closet. While you’re in there maybe do a little bit of dusting to freshen up.


Make Your Own Room Spray

If you want to keep your room feeling fresh then try making your own spray. Mix some essential oils in a spray bottle with water then once a day spray the room with it. You can use Lavender to help you sleep easier or citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and lime to keep the air feeling fresh.


Are you ready for spring? Do you have a checklist that you follow to get your house in order? I hope you find this list helpful to get your bedroom freshened up for spring and summer. Please share your thoughts in the comments and share with a friend.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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  1. These are some great tips to refresh your space. I’ve never used the baking soda, only powder (for freshness) and Lysol (for germs) when I change my linen.

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