How To Treat The Buggy Problem Of Head Lice

How To Treat The Buggy Problem Of Head Lice

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Licefreee and #WeAllGrow Latina Network, but all comments are my own.

I grew up believing that African Americans (black people) didn’t get lice.  For as long as I can remember, I was told that I could not get lice, because blacks don’t get lice.  I had every reason to believe it, since I knew no one that ever had it. 

I would have probably died with that belief had I not experienced an incident where African American children had been infected with lice.  Yes, I was the Director of Children’s Ministry at a multicultural Church, and one day a few kids from one of our families came to church with lice.

multicultural-children-and families

Initially I was concerned, but since there were only a few children that I believed could even get lice because the majority of the kids were black, therefore I didn’t freak out over it.  I notified all the parents, thoroughly cleaned the children’s area, and moved on.  A few days later, I was talking to a parent and she told me that her kids were infected with lice and it was so hard getting ride of them.  I could not believe it….I was in total shock.  I asked, “are you serious, I didn’t think black people got lice.”  She agreed.  She had been taught that same superstition but her children were infected and she had to treat them.

I began researching lice and if black people could get it and to my surprise the answer was YES. I found that there had been several studies done to figure out why black people didn’t get lice as often as white people.  The most common reason was the treatment of the hair.  Most black boys get their hair cut, which helps with remedying the lice problem, and black girls tend to get their hair straightened and use a good amount of oil.  Both immediately kills lice.


So, when I received a notification from my son’s school about lice, I was glad I had researched lice and knew that I needed to ensure that he didn’t have it…because he could.  Licefreee was created by parent, for parents…And, I was thankful for the Licefreee product.  I did not know when I agreed to participate with the campaign that I would have to use it on my child.   So, I followed the “How to Check for Head Lice” checklist. 1) I checked Chance’s hair in sections.  That was hard because it’s so short.  2) I held a piece of paper near the section.  3) I pulled the nit comb through his hair.   Luckily for me, my son Chance did not have lice. 


But if he had, I would have treated him with licefreee. It’s a safe alternative to traditional chemical pesticide remedies for lice, and it works. Licefreee…

 ·         Kills head lice and eggs (called nits)

·         Non-toxic, homeopathic head lice treatments are safe for children 6 months and older

·         Our remedies for lice are strong enough for adults too!

·         The non-toxic choice of school nurses and pediatricians

·         Our treatments contain a professional, stainless-steel nit comb

·         Works on all hair types including thick, curly hair

·         100% Guaranteed*


I realize that lice aren’t the type of guest you want in your home, we certainly didn’t expect them at church…and everyone is welcomed there. LOL! But seriously, not wanting them will not make them go away once you get them.  And if you are black and were raised as I was thinking that black people can not get lice, please know you can. 

As moms, unfortunately we have to be prepared to treat head lice.  Have you had to treat your child for lice? Would you consider using licefreee, a non-toxic product?  Please share how you’ve treated lice.





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  1. We have a lice-free shampoo that my daughter uses. It is a preventative thing. It has a nice scent, but apparently the scent is what the lice do not like, so it helps.

  2. ANYONE can get lice that is for sure. I was raising my best friends daughter for a short time after my friend passed. Later her family from out of state came to get her. Anyway, she is black and got lice. There was an outbreak at the kids school. I never knew there was an idea black people couldn’t get it! My kids (white) did not get it. I guess we got lucky to catch it in time and get everything bagged up. I love this product because it is a spray! I am also sure it is not nearly as toxic as the stuff we had to use! Wow now my head is itching lol

  3. Oh gosh! When I have kids….. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER THING to be concerned about! Ha! I am basically going to be re-living my youth when I have kids, I just know it! So many flashbacks will ensue!

  4. Last year my grandson brought head lice home and my daughter had a heck of a time getting rid of it. I felt so bad for everyone. I know she tried a number of different (and natural treatments) including tea tree oil. I can’t remember what the magic bullet was that got rid of them for good, but it sure was a headache!

  5. I was just talking to my stylist the other day about lice. My children are Guatemalan and have never had it YET! It is going around our schools so this is very helpful information.

  6. Okay, Lice is no joke. Our granddaughter had it more than once last year. It is a horrible experience. I’ll have to mention this blog post to our daughter, but hopefully it never happens again.

  7. We just got a letter from the school saying it was going around and there were some reported cases. I volunteer at the school at least once a week so I’ve been checking our heads constantly. Just thinking about it makes me itchy.

  8. Last year there were two kids in my sons class that had lice. Thankfully my son did not get it. My worst fear!!! But it is great that there are options for treatment at home. Hoping we never have to worry about this.

  9. Licefree seems to be a lot better than the products that used to be on the market. I am so lucky that out of 3 kids I have never had to deal with this problem. I don’t know how we dodged it but we did.

  10. Lice terrify me. I got it Many times as a child and I remember the struggles my mom had getting rid of it. Every time I see a kid itching their hair excessively I get the worst feeling in my gut. Luckily, none of my kids have ever had it. This looks like something to keep in hand just in case! So glad you shared it.

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