Early Signs Of Autism Every Parent Show Know

It’s Autism awareness month! I thought it was the perfect time to share a few signs of autism that every parent should know. These are directed towards future parents, parents to be, as well as parents of babies and toddlers.


Some of you may know that we have a bonus baby, he’s 19 months and we’ve had him since he was four months old.  I started having concerns early on, and was contacted by his daycare provider that they had the same concerns.  My hubby and I did not know if he was autistic, or just a bit delayed.  We just kept an eye on him and monitored the following signs:

An Unusual Attachment to One Toy or Object

Little ones always have a favorite toy. But, if there is that one toy or blanket that they just can’t live without and if it goes missing, even for a moment there is a total meltdown then that might be a sign of something more. Alone, it isn’t enough to be concerning because, yes, kids do have favorite objects, but if it is paired with other things on this list it could be a sign of something more serious.

Bad at Making Eye Contact

By not making eye contact, especially with people they know like you or their siblings is a pretty serious sign that they may be on the Autism spectrum. They may also be perfectly comfortable making eye contact with the people they know well but avoid doing it with people who don’t live with them or they aren’t as comfortable with.

Not Responding to Their Name, or Sounds and Voices

Not responding to their name by looking at you or looking in the direction then they may be on the Autism spectrum. Though it is also possible that they could have hearing problems.


Not Sharing or Showing Off Items of Interest

Babies love to show off their favorite toys to adults.  If they aren’t doing this or they are being extremely possessive of their toys then this might be more than just them being shy. This isn’t a sign on its own, but with others from the list it could mean something more.

So Social Smiling by 6 Months

At 6 months, if your baby isn’t smiling socially then this is something to keep an eye on.  Especially if you notice other things from this list taking place.

No Babbling, Pointing, or Other Gestures by 12 Months

By 12 months your little one should be making all sorts of happy little sounds.  Things like imitating speech along with pointing and making other gestures. If they aren’t it may be a delay in development which could be Autism or a number of other things. It’s certainly something to bring up with their Pediatrician.



No One-Word Communications by 16 Months

By the time they reach 16 months they should be using single worlds like “No” or “Banana”.  This is one of their important development stages and this should be communicated to their Pediatrician.

No Two-Word Phrases by 24 Months

Finally, if at 24 months they aren’t communicating with two word phrases like “No naps” then once again they aren’t meeting an important milestone and this could be a sign of Autism. However, it could be other things as well.

A Loss of Skills at Any Time

If at any time you child losses a skill they previously had then that is an indication that they may have Autism.  For instance if they were a good communicator and then suddenly one day just stopped talking.  This is something that should be brought up with their pediatrician right away.



Have identified some of the signs listed above with your child, if so, please see a doctor.  It is hard to diagnose in young children, but see a doctor to help with necessary therapies.  Should your child be autistic, there are so many available options for a normal life.  I know for a vacation option, you should look into Beaches Resorts.



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