14 Easy 5 Minute Self Care Ideas

It isn’t always easy to find time for yourself these days, but can you find five minutes in your day? These amazing easy 5 minute self care ideas will help you get through stressful days, days when you’re feeling down, and just generally make each day easier.

5 Minute Self Care Ideas


Get Air/Sun

Getting fresh air into your body will help wake up your mind and give it time to relax before you have to get back to work. If you’re lucky enough to have some sun then standing in it will help your body get vitamin D, heal wounds, and a whole lot more. Even just five minutes can make a huge difference if you’re doing it every day.



If you can’t get away from your desk to get some air then leaning back and doing some breathing exercises is the next best thing. You can find some guided breathing exercises on Youtube if you like, but just breathing in through your nose slowly, holding the breath a few seconds, and then releasing it through your mouth will work. It helps get your body oxygenated which improves brain function and reduces stress.


Refresh the Body

Sometimes when you’re feeling down the smallest things can make a big difference. Something as simple as washing your face and hands on a sweaty day can be a big pick me up. The minty freshness in your mouth after brushing your teeth can be just enough to put a spring in your step. Take five minutes to refresh your body. Do a 5-minute self care skincare routine or use some spray in shampoo and brush your hair. You’ll feel like a new person afterward.

Sit With your Legs Up the Wall

There is this amazing yoga pose being promoted by doctors around the world, even if they aren’t calling it a yoga pose. The idea is quite simple, lay on your back on the floor and rest your legs on the wall. Not only does it stretch out your lower back and all the muscles in your legs it will help fluids drain from your legs and feet. There is also some thought that it might improve your circulation, promote lymph flow, and even improve your sleep, but these benefits need to be studied more.


Have Some Water

Does this one really need a long explanation? Drink water. It’s good for you.


Watch Something Funny

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and while that may not always be true for physical ailments, it is completely true for mental ones. Watch a few minutes of your favorite comedian doing a skit or a funny scene in a movie that makes you laugh every time. Those five minutes spent laughing will help you unwind and relax while also lightening the load on your heart.


Call Someone You Care About

Call someone you care about for a quick chat. Make sure they know from the start that you only have five minutes though. Even a quick little five-minute catch-up can help fill your heart with joy and take away any feelings of loneliness or disconnectedness you might be feeling.



Do a quick five-minute guided meditation to help clear your mind and relax. This is perfect for anyone who is working from home these days and feeling stressed out by it. The five-minute meditation is a great way to transition from your workday to your normal life.



If you’ve been sitting all day be it in the car or at the office a good five-minute stretch can really help when you’re starting to flag. Your muscles wake up and some of the tension from your day that you didn’t even realize you were carrying will just disappear. You can find some fantastic stretching videos on Youtube. I recommend looking for ones that are designed specifically for office workers or offer a full-body stretch.



Spending just five minutes on journaling might not seem like much, but it is actually better than not journaling at all. If you find you have trouble falling asleep at night then set a timer when you get into bed and spend five minutes writing down everything on your mind. Make it a bullet point list, there’s no need to have perfect grammar or be wordy. Just get as many thoughts down on paper as you can in the time you have. Doing that will help free you from those thoughts so you can get to sleep faster.


Play with Your Pets

Spend five minutes throwing a ball in the backyard with your dog or playing with your cat with whatever toy it is they enjoy. Or, if your pets aren’t the playful sort, then just give them some pets and cuddles for five minutes. They’ll love the surprise attention, especially if you have treats, and you’ll have a few minutes of brightness in your day, spending one on one time with someone you care about.


Change the Scent of Your Room

If you’re feeling down or like you’re trapped, then something as simple as changing how your room smells can do a lot for your mental health. You can change the scent by lighting a candle, using essential oils, or spraying something if you like. Make sure it’s a scent you enjoy though, because no matter which one you decide to do you’ll be stuck with it for a while.


Have Some Fruit

A piece of your favorite fruit can brighten up your day just a little bit while also giving you a much-needed injection of sugar without the crash that would come from a chocolate bar later on.


Repeat Affirmations in the Mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and repeat affirmations to yourself. It might feel a little bit weird at first, but it really does work! You will leave the session feeling better about yourself and standing a bit taller, ready to face whatever the rest of the day will bring you.  For more on self-care, please take a look at the following articles:

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