Free Self-Care Ideas You Can Do At Home

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When most people think of self-care they think of going to the spa and getting a massage. You know, activities that can be out of your budget if you’re trying to save or struggling to make ends meet especially in times like these. But that, not a pandemic means that you have to go without self-care! There are lots of ways you can still practice free self-care without spending a dime or leaving your home….well, your yard.


Give Yourself Time to Work on That Craft Project

Chances are there’s a craft project hidden in a closet or a drawer somewhere that you’ve been wanting to work on. It might be knitting or possibly even teaching yourself how to do origami. Give yourself some time to work on whatever project it is you’ve been dying to do. Your heart will feel happy you’ve finally had the opportunity to work on your passion project.

Have a Hot Bath (With Shampoo Bubbles)

Taking some time to soak in a nice hot bath can be just as relaxing as going to a spa. Break out some candles, maybe some nice soothing music if you don’t want complete silence and just relax. If you don’t have any fancy bath bombs or salts that’s ok! Squeeze a bit of shampoo into your water as you fill the tub for some instant bubbles. Bring a book or just relax with your eyes closed. Just make sure that the kids and pets are distracted, there’s nothing worse than being interrupted by little fingers and paws wiggling under the bathroom door.

Join a Group

Having a connection with other people is very important to self-care, which is why I recommend you find a group in your area that shares your interests. If reading is your thing join a local reading club, if you enjoy languages find a local language exchange. A little bit of searching on sites like will help you discover what’s going on in your area. If you don’t find a group that covers your interests put out a call on your local Facebook groups, especially The Motivated Mom group! See if there’s enough interest to get one started.


Lay in the Sun

It is incredible how much just relaxing in the sun can help you when you’re having a hard day. Every single cell in your body has a receptor for Vitamin D, which comes from the sun. People who are low on Vitamin D suffer from fatigue, get sick a lot, depression, muscle pain…the list goes on. Needless to say, your body NEEDS that time in the sun. Plus, laying in the sun is a great time to just let your stress melt away. So lay down in some direct sunlight, skip the sunblock (for a short time), and soak up those healthy rays as a form of free self-care.


Sing or Dance to Some Tunes

When we get caught up in the busy day to day stresses of life we can forget how important music is to our well being. Put on your favorite album and sing and dance your blues away. Grab your cat and dance around the room with them! They won’t mind if you can’t dance.


Are you social distancing self-caring? Do you feel the need now more than ever to self-care? Well, I hope this is a reminder to you of ways to enjoy free self-care right at home. If you have other ideas, please share them in the comment section.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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