A Day In The Life Of A Super Mom

I usually wake up right before my alarm goes off, that hasn’t been the case lately…I’ve been a little off track from the holiday break.  Once awake, I quietly open my Bible App on my phone and ready my daily devotional before prayer.  Shortly thereafter I greet my hubby and begin the process of waking Chance up. It’s a process, trust me.  I start by rubbing his tummy and kissing his forehead.  Then I add music and tickling, now he’s up and needs a big mommy hug.  I get full on hugs and kisses and head downstairs to prepare his breakfast, pack snacks…and the list goes on.

I know I am preaching to the choir, you moms know exactly what I’m talking about.  Your day is like a horse at the Kentucky Derby, it breaks out and moves as fast as it possibly can, carry the weight of everything thing your responsible for on its back.

Nobody works harder than the average mom.  Yet, through our daily routine of to do’s, we don’t always recognize our extraordinary ability to manage our home, run highly successful businesses, have a happy married life, excel on our jobs and manage to look fabulous.  Well let me tell you, YOU ma’am is a SUPER Mom! 

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 Perhaps you’re thinking, not me…I’m not a SUPER Mom.  Why would she consider me a SUPER Mom?  Because you are.  The other day I was working on my upcoming Motivated Mom Tour – Super Mom Edition and one of my partners asked “who are the super moms” involved with the event.  I began to name all the amazing moms that are speaking on the panel, including the fierce moderator.  After complimenting the panel, he said:

 “They are in great company LaToyia, I can’t think of a more passionate motivator of moms…you are the ultimate super mom”,  and I sat on the other end of the phone with tears in my eyes.  After a second, he said “are you there?” 

 I said, “of course, I’m sorry, thank you so much for that compliment.” 

 He said, “you’re most welcome” and we started talking about other elements of the event.

 That conversation changed my perspective instantly.  God didn’t give me a vision to host a “Super Mom” Edition, if I too wasn’t considered a SUPER Mom. 

I don’t always get through everything on my to do list for the day. I may go to bed sometimes with dirty dishes in sink. And occasionally, I miss a moment when I could have really been engaged with Chance, and that makes me feel horrible. I’m sure you’ve experienced similar instances as a mom.

But, there are days when I’ve ran through my work checklist, cooked dinner, completed laundry, spent several dedicated hours with Chance, and manage to take an hour-long bubble bath.  These days, I am on top of the world…feeling like a super mom.  

Don’t deny you superpowers, just change your definition of a SUPER Mom.  A SUPER Mom is that celebrity mom that managed her daughter’s singing career to stardom. Or the SVP of a major television network, that is making strides in breaking the glass ceiling for women, while successfully managing her family. 

And, it’s you. A mom that finds time to snuggle your 2-year-old because he does not understand the concept of a schedule while under a tight deadline. A mom that refuses to accept societal definitions of what a mom should be or look like. 

It’s not easy. We have flaws. But I believe that as we change our definition of a SUPER Mom, we will embrace our super mom powers and know that we are doing an amazing job.  

 Are you a SUPER Mom? Do you know a SUPER Mom? Share this article with another SUPER Mom, she will thank you later.


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