5 Of The Best Back To School Traditions

Today I feel like the back to school traditions are ready to be implemented.  These days the back to school photo shoot is all the rage. Sometimes it’s professional, sometimes it’s just you, your kids, and a handmade sign in the front yard. This is a great tradition, but why stop there? There are so many other fun back to school traditions you could start with your kids.



Back to School Fashion Show

The weekend before the first day of school hold a fashion show. Create a runway for them to walk and get some upbeat music playing. It’s a great time to get those back to school photos so you don’t feel rushed on the first day.


School Year’s Eve Party

Make like it’s December 31st and have a School Year’s Eve party before the first day of school. Have one last fun summer dinner, maybe a BBQ if the weather is nice, and a gorgeous fruity dessert. When the sun goes down head outside to play with some sparklers and dance. While many consider Labor Day the end of summer this is the end of the summer for kids.  In a way it is!


Make Breakfast Special

Start the first day of school the right way with something special to eat. This might be apple pancakes, or maybe as simple as breakfast in bed for the kids. Whatever you pick it should be something that won’t be replicated again because it’s too time consuming  to do it regularly. Stick a candle in whatever you end up cooking, or you can put several in to represent what grade they’re going into.


Back to School Interviews

When they’ve come back from their first day of school instead of the usual questions set up a camera, press record, and interview them like they’re an expert on a news program and the topic is the first day of school. Ask questions about how their classroom is decorated, if there was anyone new in their class, and what they did during recess. Be sure to also ask them about favorite things; movies and food are a great place to start. Other things you can ask about are what they want to be when they grow up, what their favorite thing they did over the summer was, and what they want to learn about in school this year. Not only are these videos great fun to look back at year after year they also make wonderful gifts for far away Grandparents or parents serving abroad.


Schultüte aka School Cone

In Germany, there is a tradition on the first day of the first grade called Schultüte. Schultüte are large cones filled with chocolate, toys, candy, school supplies, and other little treats. This tradition has started to catch on in the United States and of course, isn’t limited to just the first grade. Make a cone with some stiff paper, decorate it, line the inside with tissue paper, then fill it with all sorts of fun things. Traditionally Schultüte are given to the kids as they’re on their way out the door but because the tradition isn’t widespread here just yet you might be better off giving it to them as a gift when they get home from their first day. Think of it like a back to school stocking but shaped like a cone.

Do you have a back to school tradition?  What are some of the things that you do to get ready for back to school?  Please let me know if any of my traditions work for you.  I would love to hear from you.



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