7 Tips To Motivate Your Child To Learn

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Teaching a kid to love to learn is a process that helps kids understand various aspects of life.  The habit of learning during childhood also serves well during adulthood. Not everyone is a born learner, but willingness and motivation add in to become one.

Knowing that the walls of the classroom are not sufficient for your child’s learning development is something every parent should immediately understand. Apart from schools, what motivates your child to learn is the atmosphere they grow in. Classrooms can be the primary source, but the extended outdoors of their daily life motivates more of their intellectual and social development.

Below are the real-life tips and strategies to motivate your child to learn:


 How to motivate your child to learn?


Develop a reading atmosphere

Reading develops thoughts. Books, magazines, newspapers develop language skills and strengthen vocabulary. It helps our brain to understand different concepts. Children who read frequently are more aware of things going around than the ones who do not.

Make an everyday family reading time and let your child pick a book that fascinates them more and can make them stick with it.



Pay attention to your child’s interest

Imposing your learning interest onto your child will never establish them as a good learner. Know about them, if your child loves astronomy then offer facts about the same, or if they love football, then enjoy a live or recorded match with them. Ask them a question as if you too are curious about what they have learned. Encourage them towards what they are interested in, and it will make them confident about their choices and efforts.


Encourage sincere communications

Communication helps with creating clarity of thoughts. Parents should encourage children to express their thoughts about every topic. As a parent, you might disagree with certain things, but it should not come in-between when your child is opening up. If kids feel like their opinion is not important, they are likely to detach themselves from the learning process.


Use a different style of learning

Every child is different and hence are their learning preferences. Some might learn things verbally so some logically. There are seven different learning styles: Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Social, Solitary, and logical. Understand your child’s preference, for example: If he/she learns better by auditory methods, or understands quickly by physical form. Give them access to every form and let them mold themselves to their preferences.


Focus on the learning process but not the performance and outcome

The pressure of performance usually restrains kids from opening up to different learning interests. If you are more focused upon how much your child has scored in the exam rather than how much he/she has learned in the class, then leave this habit today. Communicate to them that learning is more important than results and one grade cannot decide what he/she wants to pursue in future.


Ask them to set their goals

Learning is a slow process, but without goals, it will lead you nowhere. Encourage your children to establish their own realistic goals and motivate them to reach towards their objectives. Tell them to write down their goals in a paper and make sure they are measurable and not unrealistic or full of (your) expectation.


Make every hour one to learn 

Learning is not only based on what we do by reading books but also all the new things that we adapt from our daily life. Everything happening around us takes us toward new experiences, and our curiosity about them motivates us to learn. Do not restrict your child only till book learning but encourage them to learn from everyone and everything around.

How do you motivate your kids to learn? Do you have a certain strategy that works for you?  As parents, we are teachers too, and it is so important to teach our kids to develop a love for learning.  Please share your thoughts in the comments I would love to hear from you.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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  1. These are all wonderful tips. My daughters decided to homeschool this year, so we have been trying to keep things going at home. They may go back next semester, but we don’t know yet. I think it’s great to set up a nice space for the kids to learn from.

  2. Helpful tips! I know that online school would be more hard for them. Our full support and patience should be there too.

  3. I think having children set their own goals instead of having us parents set them for them will help them to work harder at achieving them. All of these tips are great advice.

  4. We learn a lot from our experience or from observing the world around us. I am so agree that learning doesn’t mean only reading!

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