Your Child’s Success In School Begins At Home

Mom, you make the difference!  Studies show that a warm and sensitive home environment and responsive engagement in play activities with your children boosts their communication, emotional and social development, and their ability to focus. Your daily interaction with your children can reinforce a positive attitude about learning and can help them develop a true love for learning.

Since I was a kid I have loved to learn. The quote “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” by George Washington Carver is exactly what my grandmother taught me to believe.  She never gave credit to George Washington Carver, but she made it clear to me that education was a door opener. 



As parents, we know that education is a huge benefit to our children.  Even for parents that did not finish school like my grandmother, she encouraged me to go to college.  She told me up until her death “to go to school and get your college degree.”  While she wasn’t very educated, I knew she was a wise woman.  Our discussions about school, my potential, and what I could become with a college degree fueled my faith and impressed a permanent motivation for me to finish school.

I’m convinced that success or failure in school starts at home.  You could enroll your child at the best school with the teacher the year, and the impact on your child’s learning ability in home is still greater. You are your child’s first teacher.  Regardless of educational background, socio economic status, or race – you can help your child develop a love for learning and achieve academic success.  Here are a few tips to ensure that you are creating an environment in your home that develops a love for learning.




Your kids will model your behavior. If you want your child to be a reader, let your kids see you read. Make time to try new things with your children and learn together. Children learn by example. 



Your words mean everything to your child. Encouraging them with statements like: “You are doing an amazing job in school.” “Great job on your homework, you nailed it, buddy.” Positively affirming your children is a great way to boost their self-esteem. 



One of the best ways we can encourage our children in school is to expect them to succeed.  Not by setting unhealthy expectations and causing children to have low self-esteem because they didn’t meet your goals. But rather, sharing by the importance of hard work and encouraging them to always do “their best.”



We’ve heard readers are leaders – and it’s true. Studies show the barriers faced by children struggling to read without proper guidance, they never overcome them.  When children spend their early years learning to read, they spend the lives reading to learn.  Reading aloud to our kids, or encouraging them to read during the weekends can help their reading proficiency.



Praying with your child build their faith in the Lord, communicated to them that you believe in prayer, and gives the comfort and confidence to know that they are never alone. 


These are simple yet impactful tips to support your child’s educational endeavors.  When I was pregnant I prayed a lot for Chance to have the wisdom of Solomon.  I wanted to for him to have a love for learning and use the wisdom of God as a tool combined with academics.  I purchased curriculum and dedicated time daily to go over it with him as s toddler.  Today, my son Chance is in the third grade – reading on a 5th-grade level and match on a 6th-grade level.

I started early, but it’s never too late to become engaged in your child’s education.  How do you ensure your child’s success at school? We are always learning, I would love to hear from you.



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  1. This is true! I always keep the learning going on at home. We aren’t religious so I don’t talk about God, but we do talk about what is going on in the world. I also help them with homework if they’re confused.

  2. The message of this post is something everybody should know! It bothers me when parents ship their kids off to school and don’t do much to actively teach them at home. Learning starts at home, like you said, but it shouldn’t stop at school either it should just be one continuous loop of learning everywhere!

  3. Praise Jesus! Praying for wisdom like Solomon did is the best because there’s no on on earth who is as wise or richer than he was. When the Lord gives, it’s always greater than we can achieve on our own!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more! I have been working with my daughter on basic education since she turned one! Best decision I ever made

  5. I totally agree with all of this. It amazes me that some parents feel the school should teach their kids. You are their greatest teacher and their biggest influence. I have worked so hard to get my daughter to feel like she can excel and take on the world and soar academically. It is so so important. Great article. Praying with and your kids seeing you pray is so important.

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