Amazing Ways Your Library Can Serve You Besides Books

We all love our local library for the endless supply of books, but did you know that they offer more than just books? It’s true! Libraries are amazing places with a whole lot more to offer than something to read. Here are a few amazing ways your library can serve you besides books.


Buy a Book

Many local libraries will hold book sales on the weekends and sometimes during the week as well. These are fantastic opportunities to get gently used second hand books, magazines, and other random things for the whole family.


Classes Online and Offline

If you have a library card then most libraries offer classes both in person (when allowed) and online. Check out your library’s website to see if they have access to any online learning options. You can take classes on accounting, computer literacy, and even learning how to read.


Downloading ebooks

Libraries don’t just have physical books, you can also get ebooks downloaded straight to your phone or ereader devices. You don’t even have to go to the library, assuming you’re already a member. Just go to your local library’s website and see what ebooks they have on offer. Many also do audiobooks!


Get Access to Material Behind a Paywall

Your local library has magazine subscriptions as well as access to research documents and other forms of media that you would usually have to pay out the nose for and so long as you have a library card it is completely free to use them! This is a fantastic tool that more people, students especially, need to know about.


Library of People

This one is a little bit of a niche idea, but an interesting one nonetheless. There are libraries, and library events all across the country where you can “rent” people to talk to. You can learn about their lives, what interests they have, or just have conversations about the weather if you want.



Library of Things

Have you ever wished you could try out an air fryer before you buy one? Or maybe you need a garden tool for one task and then you won’t ever need it again. Some libraries have started offering items like this for short term rental, just like a book from the library. This is another one of the ways your library can serve you! If your library doesn’t offer this then you might ask them if it’s something they would consider doing. They won’t know there is an interest unless people ask!


Print Things

Very few people have a printer at home these days. But, there are always those rare times where you need to print out a form or your resume. Rather than going to your local printing shop or office supply store, take a trip to your library. There, for a very small fee you can print out as much as you need to.


Rent Movies

If you’ve got yourself a DVD player then many libraries also have movies you can check out alongside your books. These tend to be older movies and generally rated PG-13 or under. But they’re a decent enough replacement for video rental places.


Tickets to Museums

Check in with your local library to see if they have any museum tickets that they loan out. Many libraries in bigger cities offer this for zoos and museums in the city. Once again, if you find that your library doesn’t offer this, ask them if it’s something they could consider for the future!


All of these are just a few ways your library can serve you that aren’t books. Every library and library system is different! The best way to find out what your library offers is to check online or head to the library and ask a librarian. They are incredibly helpful and always eager to help you with whatever you need.



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