The Sacrifices Moms Make For Their Children To Be Successful

As a mom, I am constantly making sacrifices for my son, it’s something that all moms do.  Think about it, even before becoming a mom we made sacrifices to get that awesome title.  We sacrifice our bodies, emotions, and relationships with our spouse or partner.  Some of us sacrifice our health.  I have.

After having several miscarriages, the last one nearly cost me my life.  We sought out a specialist to determine why I was unable to carry a child.  I still remember that day. I was terrified, and unsure what to expect.  Not just about the outcome, but about the procedure itself.  We arrived at the hospital, and was escorted in the examination room. It was cold, very bright, and intimidating.  My husband and I walked in hand in hand after whispering a prayer.

The procedure was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my body, well outside of the heartache in my soul when I lost my grandmother.  The pain was so severe that it caused my husband to pass out.  He could not take my screams and yells while holding my hand. They had to stop my procedure and tend to him. 

That procedure determined that I was having miscarriages because I was not producing enough progesterone during pregnancy, and the baby needed progesterone to live.  A month later, we were pregnant for the sixth time, and I immediately started taking progesterone pills.  During my third month, I was told that I miscarried again, only to find that the hospital was mistaken.  After being on bed rest for another five months, we celebrated the birthday of a healthy baby boy.  We named him Chance because God gave him a chance at life.


Throughout his life, all seven years, we have made sacrifices for his sake.  But such is the life of a mom.  Daily through heart-centered parenting, words of encouragement, hugs, and even discipline we change the course of our children’s lives. 

During Super Bowl Weekend I hosted the kickoff of the 2017 Motivated Mom Tour.  It was an amazing event. I invited Crystal Wilson, Mom of Shanice Wilson; Jonnetta Patton, Mom of Usher Raymond; Rose Rock, Mom of Chris Rock; and Tyra Wardlow, Mom of Meagan Good along with moderator Michele Thornton, Mom of Jordan and Taylor.  They sat on a panel and discussed the sacrifices moms make to ensure that their children pursue their dreams. 


Their stories were different, but the outcomes were the same. Their children were all very successful in their careers.  They spoke of the sacrifices they made, and what they would do if they could do it again. 
  • Crystal Wilson gave up her own singing career in an effort to manage her daughters career.
  • Jonetta Patton gave up her personal life so that Usher would have his dream life.
  • Rose Rock delayed her dream of becoming an author until she was well into her sixties.
  • Tyra Wardlow sacrificed her comfortable life and job to move to Los Angeles and allow her children to pursue entertainment.

All in all, as moms our sacrifices allow us to shape our children. We teach them to be honest, to work hard, to fear God, to be integral, to share and love.  Whether we are making sacrifices for their career or for their life, our sacrifices are great and greatly impactful. If I had to do it over again, I would endure the pain of that procedure and months of bed rest to give birth to a miracle.

There was a time when I would complain about the impact that pregnancy had on my body. I did not like it, and would blame my husband because my body changed and he was still the same.  Well, I had to understand that it was a sacrifice, and being a mom was something that I wanted.  I had to change my perspective. 

Has that happened to you? Have you looked at a sacrifice as a curse? Have you held resentment about something that really was a blessing?  Please share your mom sacrifice and how you feel about it now.


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  1. When my daughter was conceived I new at that moment I no longer wanted to be with her father. When I told him I was pregnant I was already to abort my child but his delayed response when I asked him what did he want to do, gave me the power to say don’t worry about it, this is a child of God and whatever His will is, will be done. For nine months I carried my baby without knowing or caring if it was a girl or a boy. When people would ask me what I wanted, I would say it didn’t matter because I can’t send it back. When she was born I named her Angel, before she is mine she is “His” and I handle her with care. Her father has never been apart of her life but she has never been without a father or anything she needed or desired if I had it or not. My child is hear today because I made the sacrifice to trust God completely and stay out of his way and he has truly blessed me with an Angel.

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