My DFW Auto Show Experience With Chevrolet Volt

My DFW Auto Show Experience

This post is sponsored by She Buys Cars on behalf of the DFW Auto Show. All opinions are my own.

 A few months ago, my husband and I decided that we would give our nephew my husband’s car.  Initially we were thinking that we would buy my hubby a used car so that we would not have a long-term car payment.  After going back and forth, we decided to lease a car.  At the time, with limited information, I knew exactly what I wanted. I did not look at many different Makes and Models, I had my ideal SUV in mind.  Had I been exposed to the DFW Auto Show prior to leasing my car, I am certain that I would have made a very different choice.  I probably would have still leased; but I am not so sure that I would have selected my current vehicle. 

When I was invited to attend the DFW Auto Show as an ambassador for She Buys Cars, I was excited but a little reluctant because I didn’t know what to expect.  Well to my surprise, the 2017 DFW Auto Show was a great event.  I had an opportunity to meet a group of amazing women and learn so much about some of our favorite brands.

The Official CUV of the NFL | The Nissan Titan

During the VIP Preview Party and the Press Conference, I was able to spend time with the Genesis team, and learn more about this luxury vehicle.  Genesis is said to be human centered and relevant for you today.  From the looks of the car and their presentation, I would agree.

The 2017 Genesis Luxury Brand

While I was truly inspired by the Genesis line, I was also very impressed with other vehicles like the Dodge Ram Long Horn Edition. My husband wants a truck, so I spent a nice amount of time with Dodge RAM learning about this puppy.  I was thinking, I could use to riding in a truck like this….it’s very nice!

The Dodge RAM Long Horn Edition

The Toyota C-HR was another favorite.  Now, I can’t imagine going back to a car right now, but this is a nice compact but roomy car by Toyota. Having the insight on the vehicles, like the brand promise, technology, and safety features truly changed my perception of what to look for when buying a car. 

Toyota c-hr
The New Toyota C-HR

I’m thankful to She Buys Cars for exposing me to this amazing Show. Now I am encouraging you to see it for yourself.  It’s a short drive to the heart of Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.  Once you get there you can experience the Ride & Drive event with Mazda and take this beauty for a spin. Don’t forget your driver license.


The Mazda Ride & Drive Experience

There were so many options at the Auto Show, but I noticed that I was more interested in the SUV’s.  As a baseball mom, I have lots of bags, buckets, and snacks that I lug around and the extra space is always helpful. 

You may not be in the market for a new car, but by attending this event, when the time come you will be prepared.  This is one of the most anticipated events in Dallas. For more specific information please visit  If you aren’t in Dallas, please research your local Auto Show you won’t regret it.



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