How To Recalibrate Your Dreams

I was invited to an all-expense paid trip to Orlando courtesy of Disney to attend the Disney Dreamer Academy event in exchange for my coverage. No other compensation was provided. All views, opinions, thoughts and ideas shared on my post are completely my own.

I often think to myself, why am I here? What is it that I was created to do? These questions usually occur when I am experiencing a challenge or difficult time in my life that I have not completely taken charge of.  You know when things pop up expectantly, but they needed to happen in order to get you focused.  For example, when someone you have a business relationship with tries to belittle and demean you as a form of control, but you’ve known for a while that you needed to end that relationship. 

Those are the times when the pursuit of your purpose and whether or not you should follow your dreams are most questionable.  Those are the times when you really must dig deep and be confident, and take the advice of motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols, and “bet on you” and recalibrate your dreams.

I was invited to attend the Disney Dreamers Academy recently. It’s a 4-day event held in partnership with Disney, Essence Magazine, and Steve Harvey at Walt Disney World for 100 high school students, ages 13-18 where they learned how to make their dreams come true.  The invitation included attendance to the Disney Dreamer Academy, a 4 Day Park Hopper Pass, unlimited Fast Passes, and a 3 Night Stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Resort.

Photo Credit: Christine St. Vil and Walt Disney World

 While there, I quickly learned that these students had no problem making their dreams come true.  These kids were amazing, some had businesses, others started nonprofits – all were exceptionally bright and had big dreams.  I also learned that I needed the encouragement just as much as the 100 kiddos and their parents. 

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

There was a session for the Dreamers entitled “Every Dreamer has a Story” where they learned valuable skills about networking and leadership. Princeton Parker, alumnus, motivational speaker, and now Disney Cast Member, was sharing his story of being a Dreamer, then later invited to serve in the Speaker Resource Group, and now he’s a Manager at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  He said “when you are living your dream, it’s like relying on GPS. Your GPS will never tell you that it has stopped because you made it a wrong turn, it will say…recalibrating.” 

My heart started racing, as I internalized that message and knew that it was food for thought for me.  I am in what I now know to be a place of recalibration.  I took a leap of faith and began pursuing my dreams, and while on my journey I missed an exit.  You see, I held on to a few things that I should have let go of a while back. By placing to much of my attention on what should have been in my rear view, my GPS starting recalibrating.  Has that ever happened to you?

After attending Thursday’s themed session “Dream Big”, Friday’s “Dreams, Possibilities, Passions”, and Saturday’s “A Whole New World”, and Sunday’s Commencement with the “Circle of Life” performance.  I walked away from the Disney Dreamer Academy renewed and inspired to believe in the power of my dreams, and pursue them passionately. I am now giving myself permission to fully believe in me.  

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

I needed to understand that my GPS system recognized that I missed my exit, and because I was in a bad area, my connection to my true source was weak, and it was taking longer than usual to recalibrate. But more importantly, I had to do three things immediately, I had to: 

  • Make the decision that I was going to bet on me: Worrying about what others would think, was giving them too much power over me. 
  • Give myself permission to change directions: It may delay my arrival a bit, but it will not deny me access to my desired destination.
  • Live fearless: I will not compromise my dreams before I am able to explore them. Don’t allow fear to hold you back, go for it!

I was seriously beginning to feel that my dream was too heavy to bear, and then I was invited to take part in the Disney Dreamer Academy.  Being in an atmosphere full of dreamers and doers sprinkled with pixie dust, was truly magical.  That is just how my God works, He always placing me in the right place at the right time.  And hearing Princeton’s message about GPS, was a major bonus.  I was so inspired by the amazing speakers and dreamers, I recommend you have your child apply later this year if they are within the age range.

I realized as moms, there will be times when we too must be open to receiving guidance and direction so that we can become better women, and extraordinary moms –  encouraging our children to do the same.  Sonia Jackson Miles, a motivational speaker, and a member of the Speaker Resource Group for the Academy said “there’s a superhero inside all of us, we just have to have the courage to put the cape on,” and it’s true. Every now and again we need be motivated to live our best life.  



Have you had to recalibrate your dreams? Be as specific as possible and don’t limit yourself. Your heart knows your deepest desires, so give yourself some time to meditate, recalibrate, and connect to your most authentic self.  Or you may know someone that will be helped by this, if so, please comment and share it? I would love to hear from you.


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  1. LaToyia, I can’t begin to say how motivating this message is to me. As I read your message I realized my GPS is recalibrating!

    Yes, Angel will be reapplying this year for the Disney Dreamers Academy!

  2. This sounds like such an amazing event! I often have to recalibrate my dreams. I get close to accomplishing a small goal then I get scared because I worry I can’t reach it or I will mess it up so then I self sabotage, and it takes me twice as long to get there. This is so inspiring, and I know that I just have to have more courage and faith in myself.

  3. This is such a lovely message for everyone out there. It’s nice to think about what we really want in life and what our goals are. It’s truly inspiring to see these kids going their own way and building their own paths.

  4. What an awesome event you got to attend – and with Disney in charge! I think Disney provides us all with a great environment to let us thrive – it is a drama free place!

  5. Fabulous post! Great advice and I just know all your big ideas are going to turn out wonderfully. ?

  6. Wow what a blessing to find your content, almost a year after interviewing Elayna Fernandez who shared an event you were facilitating. This message is powerful, I must recalibrate my personal life compass. I used to care lots about what otehrs say and think about me. Not so muich now. Thanks for sharing LaToyia 🙂

  7. What a great post! That quote is everything – I love it! That event looks like it was so much fun. What a great time!

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