Three Things I Learned At #WeAllGrow

Recently we celebrated International Women’s Day and in honor of that day, when were asked to help forge a better working world – a more inclusive, gender equal world; I am happy to share my experience and what I learned at #WeAllGrow Summit.

On the website, #WeAllGrow Summit is branded as the go-to conference for Latinas in the digital space where they harness the Energy of Sisterhood to provide an intimate 3 day gathering of experiential networking and learning experiences that propel growth.

Well, I can say that they stand up to their brand promise. And while I am not a Latina blogger, it was still an amazing experience of sisterhood, good content and lasting connections. Going in, I had no idea what to expect. I took the word of my trusted blog coach, Elayna Fernandez that it was a place that I needed to be. With that being said, I fully intended to gain knowledge that would enhance my understanding of my blog and help me grow my business.

I’m happy to share that I accomplished my goal, and want to share three things that I learned at #WeAllGrow.


Sponsored Field Trips are FUNdamental!

This was the first conference that I attended where there were Sponsor Field Trips. As an attendee, I was able to rate from one to ten the fields trips that I wanted to go to. It was so hard, because there were some amazing field trip options, from Disneyland to flying in a helicopter. Seriously, it was absolutely incredible. I was selected for Disneyland, and we had a great time enjoying the park. We rode Soarin’, Radiator Springs Racers, and had some amazing lobster nachos at the Cove Bar. But the most fundamental part of the day was the bonds that we built among women. I believe that relationships are your greatest resource, and the friends that I made at #WeAllGow are purposeful. laughed, danced, screamed (on roller coasters), and shared tips on how to grow our blogs. It was priceless!


Social Good is Good for All!

This was the most impactful session to me. I have struggled with whether or not I should use my blog to advocate and elevate the importance of early education. I did not want to confuse my audience, although I cater to moms most of my content is mompreneurship driven. The brave women on this panel shared their struggles and spoke about the importance of standing up for a cause. Their stories reminded me of a quote from Mother Teresa that says, “we think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. He poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.” We can all play a part in helping others feel wanted, loved and cared for, by using our name, brand, likeness and VOICES to make a difference in whatever area that tugs at the heart strings of our heart.

There’s a Warrior in every Princess!

There were several magical moments at #WeAllGrow, but there were a few that inspired me beyond belief. The Princesas y Guerreras message from Marines Duarte was one of those moments. Her campaign against, gender inequality, the mistreatment and abuse against women is to be applauded and supported. As she spoke about her daughters, her passion to ensure that they understand that abuse in any form is not what they deserve or should tolerate. I could not help but to think about the abuse that I suffered, and the abuse that my mother suffered that eventually brought me into this world. My heart was flooded with sorrow at the thought of my mother being a child, a victim of abuse. I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face. It was the first time that I saw my mom as a Princess Warrior! Her abuse was unwanted, underserved, unbelievably painful to us both, but it did not steal her crown. She’s still a beautiful, strong, loving princess.

#WeAllGrow is an amazing conference. I learned so much about blogging, legal fundamentals, photography tips, and WordPress over the three days. I met a lot of amazing brands, and beautiful people. It’s true…when one grows, #WeAllGrow…I certainly did! If you never attend the #WeAllGrow Summit, you can still spread the #WeAllGrow message of having a more inclusive, gender equal world by building up your fellow sister. Encourage someone today, and tell me how this article encouraged you.


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  1. It sounds like a very empowering event, I’m glad that you got to attend it. These are very good lessons to take with you as you go along life.

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