How To keep The Learning Going Over The Summer

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It’s incredibly important for kids to continue learning over the summer when school is out. Studies have shown again and again that when they aren’t learning anything over the summer their education suffers when they go back and they actually forget things they had learned before. So I’ve put together this list of ways you can keep your kids learning over the summer.



Cooking is a great way for kids to learn. Not only are they learning important life skills that will help them as they grow older they will also have the opportunity to learn the science behind cooking. So many people think of cooking as just an art, but there is a lot of science that goes into that art. What temperature certain things need to get at to boil, or the way ingredients interact to make something new…it’s all science.

Digital Summer Camp

Summer camps have gone digital! You can find a huge variety of summer camps online that are sure to please any child. You can find everything from summer reading camps to camps that specialize in teaching kids who want to be doctors or vets when they grow up. If you’re interested in seeing a few fantastic digital summer camps I’ve found I’ve done a whole article on it.


Growing a Garden

Growing a garden is another one of those fantastic life skills that are a ton of fun and extremely educational. Not only are you teaching your kids how to grow their own food you’re also teaching them the importance of patience. Plus if you give your kid’s a deep love and appreciation for plants they are never going have money for drugs.

Make Time for Learning Each Day from Homeschooling Books

Homeschooling books are fantastic resources for helping kids keep the school mentality going over the summer. It only takes 30 minutes of learning time for them to learn something or stay refreshed on a topic they had previously learned. You can even give your kids a bit of a head start on learning in the new school year if you want.


Make a Summer Reading List

Everyone should have a summer reading list, no matter their age. Reading has proven to help prevent the learning slide that is so commonly seen when kids aren’t learning over summer vacation. This is where kids actually forget some of the things they’ve learned before as well as forgetting how to properly take part in school. Reading can prevent this and if you set aside some family reading time each day you’ll be helping everyone learn.

Playing Video Games

Believe it or not video games, even the shooter-style ones like Overwatch or Fortnite that are popular right now have something to teach kids. Playing them helps them develop their strategy skills as well as their hand/eye coordination. They’re also getting comfortable using computers which is vital for just about every job these days.


Start a Rock Collection

Rock collections are a great way to learn about the world around you. It gives kids the opportunity to learn about the different types of rocks there are in the world and it can be a lot of fun hunting for the perfect rock to take home with you whenever you go out. With a rock tumbler, you can give those rocks a glossy smooth shine and, once again your kids will learn patience as tumbling rocks is a slow process.

How are you incorporating summer learning for your kiddos?  I hope you can use this helpful fun list over the next few weeks.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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  1. Kids at home are now learning to bake and cook, and they are into sports as well. Good thing they are interesting to learn other things and not feeling bored during summer school breaks.

  2. Great tips! We always use the summer to teach “real life” (such as cooking, cleaning, how to balance a checkbook, etc…).

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