Now that summer is here one of the things everyone seems to be missing most is the ability to go on a relaxing summer vacation. But, it’s actually really easy to do that at home! I’m going to walk you through everything you need to do to have a relaxing summer vacation at home.


What Kind of Vacation Do You Want?

The first thing you should do is work out what kind of vacation you want. The kinds that have you outdoors like camping or relaxing on a beach are the easiest to replicate. But you can even have a spa vacation if you want. A relaxing multiday spa vacation may not be possible if you have kids, but isn’t that always the truth?


Prepare Your Meals in Advance

First, in the week ahead of your vacation start preparing all of your meals for the following week. Make foods that are easily frozen and be reheated or put in a slow cooker. This will help you reduce the amount of cooking you have to do, which can feel like a vacation all on its own. Do this for all 3 meals for your entire vacation.


Get Kiddie Pools

If you don’t have a pool, a kiddie pools don’t just have to be for kids. Adults can have a great time in them too…though maybe just one at a time. They’re also a cost-effective way for grownups to splash around and cool down on a hot summer day. Be sure to buy the rigid plastic ones for the adults. Blow up ones won’t work with our heavier weight. After summer is done you can repurpose your plastic pools as planters. They make a great little herb garden.

Fill Up an Ice Chest

Fill up an ice chest with all your drinks and snacks for each day. This is to try to limit the amount you have to go inside the house. The less you have to go in the more it feels like a vacation. Depending on what you’ve prepared to eat you might be able to store all your food in there as well, but if you have to go inside to cook or heat it up then you may as well leave it in the fridge.


Put Down Your Phone

Take a step away from social media and the distractions of your phone. If you want to get photos of your vacation, use a camera instead or turn off internet access on your phone. If reading is going to be part of your relaxation go for an actual printed book. Do as much as you can to reduce your screen time (and your kids’) to zero.



Finally, relax. Sit with your back to your house and close your eyes. Keep the relaxation going late into the evening with little lights decorating your yard. Build a fire to have smores. Stop thinking about work and just have some fun! This is your chance to hang out with your family and relax, soak it up.

Even if you are planning a summer vacation, having a vacation at home can help as well.  Just to take a few days to have a staycation at home and turn your days into fun-filled family acitivites.


LaToyia, The Motivated Mom