The Joy of Christmas And The Fun Traditions We Create

This post was written in collaboration with Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa and Mom It Forward Network however, all opinions, ideas, thoughts, and tips shared are my own.


I love Christmas!  When I say it’s my favorite time of year, I mean it.  I absolutely love everything about Christmas.  I love the Christmas music that usually starts Thanksgiving Day on KLTY.  I love the lights and decorations displayed on homes and businesses everywhere.  I love the movies, you know Christmas movies like “A Christmas Story” or “It’s A Wonderful Life (my all-time favorite).  My mom and I watch it every year. She may actually watch it like 4 or 5 times during the month of December.  LOL, I am so serious. 

As you can tell, those are memories from a few year ago that have stayed with me over my life (yes, a few years ago).  Material things are nice to have but memories last forever!  Now that I am a mom, I love creating memories and Christmas traditions with my son like dressing up in matching pajamas and having hot cocoa to celebrate the completion of our Christmas tree and decorations.  If your kiddo(s) are anything close to mine, we often spend additional time rearranging the 25 ornaments placed together in a 1-foot radius.

 Christmas-traditions-with- stephens-gourmet-cocoa


I must admit starting the hot cocoa tradition in matching PJ’s was the best.  My son, Chance loves hot cocoa.  So, when I told him that I was selected to participate in a campaign for Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa, he could not wait until the cocoa arrived.  He checked the mailed faithful and daily even during the weekend.  Once it arrived, he wanted to put the Christmas decorations up that day. 

Every cup of cocoa you drink has to live up to the first one you had as a kid. Now that’s a tough job! Other cocoas might come close, but Stephen’s will set your new cocoa standard! Stephen’s cocoa is rich, creamy and quite simply the tastiest you’ve ever had. They are continually introducing new and unique flavors, as well as cocoa innovations like our Single-cups for Keurig®-style coffee makers. Stephens also offers a special selection of delicious ciders, whose traditional (and not-so-traditional) flavors make the perfect drink for any holiday.



We opened the box and he began assigning the flavors.  At the direction of Chance, I was to have the Mint Truffle, daddy would have the Salted Carmel, and he was dead set on the CandyCane flavor.  I must admit, he was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to try the S’mores. The disappointment didn’t last long. As soon as I scooped the hot cocoa out of the can and into his cup, the flavor truly didn’t matter.  When he tasted it…..let’s just say we are having it again when family arrives from out of town…. And on the night before Christmas….And Christmas Day… get the picture.



Over the next few weeks, we have a few other traditions to continue like baking and decorating sugar cookies, allowing Chance to open one gift on Christmas Eve, selecting an Angel Tree family to bless, and starting new ones like serving the homeless.  I am especially excited about starting a tradition that will ensure that we keep Christ in Christmas.  This year we are celebrating the birth of Christ with a birthday cake.  We love birthdays in our home.  We are excited to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a birthday cake on Christmas Day.


I told you I love Christmas! It’s my favorite time of year.  I disconnect for a few weeks for spiritual renewal and another few weeks for one-on-one time with my son while he is out of school – all while creating traditions that will add to Chance’s experience of Christmas as Jesus’ birthday.

Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition? Please share it with me in the comments, as we are always looking to add more fun to our Christmas traditions!  Perhaps you want to have hot cocoa in matching pajamas like us…Please check out the delicious and unique cocoa flavors on the website Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa and follow Stephen’s on Facebook, or follow along using hashtag #StephensGourmet



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  1. Great post. I love the matching Star Wars jammies. We are a set of nerds in our house and those jammies are right up our alley. The candy cane hot cocoa sounds yummy. You have a beautiful family.
    Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

  2. I love Christmas too! I put up our tree in decorations before Thanksgiving. I start listening to Christmas music as soon as it’s on the radio here, which is usually the second week of November, and we watch a million Christmas movies in December. Our tv is sort of stuck on Hallmark right now, because we are always watching their holiday movies. I love y’all in your matching Christmas jammies!! So cute!

  3. I love Stephen’s Hot Chocolate, and your Christmas jammies are so cute. I love your new tradition idea of the birthday cake. We have a special tree decorated with pictures of Jesus and the Christmas story.

  4. We have had daily cocoa here but nothing fancy. I would like the caramel or mint! No, I take that back I would like to alternate between all of them. I do give out pj’s on Christmas Eve.

  5. I loved this post! It’s the traditions that make the holidays for me! In my family, we always had sparkling apple cider and a cheese ball, and cookies on Christmas Eve, and everyone was allowed to open one gift. I love reading about others traditions!

  6. I love so much about the holidays, from decorating a tree, to hanging lights, to the music! It’s finally gotten chilly around here so we’ve been breaking out the hot chocolate around here too! I love it!

  7. Christmas is my favorite time of year. From making Snowman’s soup to baking cookies and decorating the tree to driving through a lights display I love it all and wish every day could be more like Christmas

  8. Your family is too cute!! I like Christmas time too! We love to go out to see the Christmas decorations at the malls here in Singapore. I love it too cos Jesus is at the top of many people’s mind during this season!

  9. I have never tried this yet but looks like worth to try. Is your giveaway applicable for people all over the world? I would love to join and try my luck. What we have as a Christmas tradition here is having dinner altogether while waiting for the Christmas Eve.

  10. There is something wonderful about the traditions of Christmas and the things you can do over Christmas. It sounds like you have some lovely traditions going and how cute are your family!

  11. I like the fact that you are expending the energy and investing time to create nice traditions for your family. Your kids will have these beautiful memories to look back on .Like you I love the lights and decorations displayed on homes in our town during the season. We go around the neighborhood watching the lights on displayed on these houses. Setting up our Christmas tree (which I am proud to say we have already done), putting up new drapes and buying new stuff and rearranging the decor are all part of our Christmas tradition,

  12. Your family is too adorable! I love the matching PJs for the holidays I want to do another christmas Brinner (breakfast dinner) and we all wear holiday PJS.

  13. Ok, I just had to laugh at the pajama picture. First, that is the coolest. Second, I love that you all are doing it together. Well done on the pictures as it really helps drive home the message. It is about the memories that you all create.

    Thank you for that reminder.

  14. Yum! Hot cocoa sounds really good especially on Christmas Day with family when opening gift. Love matching pajamas that’s what I should try with my family this year. Super cute family you have!

  15. Christmas traditions are something to absolutely cherish while the kids are still at home with you. We are Indy nesters now and really miss the kids! The time you have with them will go so fast, in the blink of an eye! Enjoy while you can.

  16. Your family looks lovely and the whole post is so warm, I can even smell the cocoa just by reading it, and looking at your pictures. I love a good cup at night, before bed, it is very calming and relaxing. Personally prefer something that is not very sweet.

  17. Oh dear your post is making me miss my family! We also do this tradition of wearing pjs and enjoying hot chocolate drink while watching Christmas cartoons!

  18. Awe so much love and fun! You are such a great mama! I love making traditions and memories during the holidays! You have great traditions..I might steal 1 or 2! hehe. Happy holidays to you and your fam! xx

  19. I love Christmas time it is the best time!! Especially for traditions. We love Christmas jammies and hot chocolate as well. These memories are precious!

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