3 Ways To Improve Focus And Eliminate Stress

I found 3 simple steps to improve focus while eliminating stress that I want to share with you…

I had been dreading writing my blog post. Not because I don’t want to talk with you all, but because it was event time and I was so overwhelmed with everything going on around me that it was hard for me to focus. 

And that day was no different.  I tried writing for hours, and all I could think about was the things that I needed to do for The Motivated Mom Tour.  Does that happen to you? Do you get stressed when you have a big event, or major project due, or maybe when submitting a big proposal?  Good, I am so glad that I am not alone.

The Steps I Took to Improve Focus

I decided rather than trying to write a post about that specific topic, although I am passionate about the topic; I would write about what was happening to me in that moment. I was thinking about ways to improve my focus and eliminate stress. These are the steps that I took to increase my focus:

Settle Down & Breathe

Take a few minutes and focus your attention on your breathing.  Allow your mind to concentrate on the stillness and your breaths.  I’m a yogi, I love Bikram yoga. As I was trying to channel my attention on my blog post, I remembered yoga. We always start and end the class with a breathing exercise.  So, I began inhaling through my nose, and exhaling from my mouth. I quickly found that not only did it help me to relax and reduce my stress, but mind mind calmed down as well, allowing me to focus better.  You should try it. Just take a few minutes and breathe right now.  Even if you aren’t stressed, just taking a moment to breathe will calm you immediately. See, feel better, right?  

Step 1 to improve Focus and eliminate stris is to Settle Down & Breathe


Organize Your Space

Take a look around at your work space.  If there’s clutter and desk chaos, it could subconsciously cause you to feel unorganized and frazzled and vice versa.  There was so much paper, folders, sticky notes – you name it. I felt exactly the way my desk looked, cluttered and disorganized.  I took just a few minutes after my breathing exercise, and began straightening my desk. Organizing papers, trashing the empty water bottles, and packing everything I needed for my Tour in my Motivated Mom folder. The more organized my space became, the better I was able to focus. I felt so much better.  I could think again. 

Step 2 to improve Focus and eliminate stress is to Organize Your Space

Write It Down

When juggling multiple projects and tasks, write down those things that are occupying too much space in your mind will take far on your way to improve focus.  By writing things down, your mind is less distracted by all of the other tasks that are in your head.  It seems that I had a million things to do for the Tour, so I took a few minutes and wrote them down. What I found was, it was not as much to do as I thought. As a matter of fact, there were only three things left to do.  But when I wrote them down, my mind was free to concentrate on something else, both reducing my stress, and improving my focus.

Step 3 to improve Focus and eliminate stress is to Write It Down

Live in the Moment

Stress occurs naturally, but we cannot allow it to distract us to the point of being unproductive.  In today’s society, it is easy to get caught in a cycle of “what’s next” or “this too”.  We are barely done with a task before we start looking for the next thing.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I believe in keeping things moving and working smart, but not at the expense of peace and harmony.  To live a simpler life, and do what you need to do, you must find small ways to live in the moment, be stress free. 

When you need to reduce stress and improve focus, try these exercises and get back on track.  Please share your thoughts, and share this with someone that you know that may want to focus better when under pressure. 


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  1. My favorite…DANCE! Sometimes when I’m stressed or find myself feeling overwhelned, I put on one of my favorite songs and just dance! If it’s Classical (I pretend I’m a ballerina), Jazz (I pretend to be a lyrical dancer on Broadway), Gospel (I happily don’t have to pretend to get my praise on), Big Band (I pretend I’m in a movie dancing with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly…now that’s fun!), or a movie theme & I assure you, it’s an academy award-winning performance of silliness! The point is that I smile, laugh & when it’s all said and done, I’m energized!

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