Everything You Need To Know About Painmoons

Everyone has heard of Honeymoons, you may have even heard about Babymoons, but have you heard about Painmoons? They’re the latest self-care trend and chances are unless you know someone who has gone on one you aren’t going to ever hear much about them. That’s because they aren’t the sort of thing you post about on social media except to say that they have changed your life.



What is a Painmoon?

A Painmoon is a vacation you take to help yourself get over pain, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. More often than not they are taken at spas or retreats, but even getting a cabin in the woods for a week could be a Painmoon if it helps you heal. These vacations are meant to be as stress-free as possible. That means no having to battle traffic, no schedule you have to keep, just complete and total relaxation. For this reason, many people opt for the hotel experience just so they don’t have to cook or really do anything. The best places to take Painmoons are sleepy little coastal towns or other rural locations that in all honesty don’t have a lot going on. This will give you time to relax, focus on yourself, and unwind.



Why Take a Painmoon?

Studies have shown that stress slows down your body’s ability to heal and the truth is being at home you can never really remove your stress completely. You’ll always have something reminding you about the things you need to get done. When you aren’t well even little things like making lunch or taking out the trash are stresses that you don’t need. Being in your house you’re constantly surrounded by those little stresses that do add up.

So, the obvious answer is to get away from those stresses. Go somewhere relaxing, schedule daily massages for a long weekend, and burn your way through just oh so many candles. Most importantly, turn off your cell phone. Yep. Turn it off. If your family has a real emergency that you absolutely need to know about tell them to call the hotel you’re staying in. Part of what makes Painmoons so special is that you are removing yourself from your life and stress even just for a short time to help your body and soul heal. It’s a time to be alone and get back in touch with yourself.



Other Considerations

If you are going on a Painmoon you should take into consideration why you’re going. If you need to heal after having surgery eating junk food and drinking a lot aren’t really going to help you heal. You need healthy whole foods that will give your body a boost of strength and energy for the healing process. Though don’t feel like you have to say no to a slice of cake or a glass of wine either. You also shouldn’t be putting your body under a lot of stress so plan the sort of trip that has you lounging on the beach or at the side of the pool.

If you’re there after a bad breakup then feel free to eat whatever you want but plan for the sort of trip where you’re almost if not actually completely alone. Long walks on the beach or hiking in the mountains are perfect for this.  Let your heart be your guide when you’re planning your Painmoon and most of all, don’t feel guilty about it! You need this and in the long run you will be better for having gone.


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