6 Reasons to go Vegan

Some people believe that you should only be vegan if you’re concerned about animal rights, and maybe in the 90s that was true. But these days there are a ton of different reasons to go vegan, from personal health to the environment. So here are just a few of the biggest reasons to go vegan.



Lower Risk of Heart Disease

It’s very hard for vegans to get heart disease because their diet is low in fat and cholesterol-free. Cholesterol is found in large quantities in eggs, meat, and dairy products which can lead to clogged arteries and heart disease to set in.


Easy Weight Loss

One of the fantastic things about a vegan diet is that it is very filling while being low in calories. This makes it a great option for people who want to lose weight but don’t want to count calories. Magician Penn Jillette lost more than 100 pounds on an extreme vegan diet that consisted of just potatoes. The idea was quite simple, he could eat as much as he wanted, no need to count calories. But all he was allowed to eat was potato and sweet potato.



Better Skin

There’s a lot of evidence that a vegan diet will improve your skin, especially if you suffer from cystic or acne. This is once again thanks to the naturally low-fat nature of the diet. It only takes a little bit of fat to clog your pores and cause acne. Avocados are one of the most popular sources of fat in a vegan diet so if you do decide to give it a try to improve your skin avoid those avocados.


Save Money

You may look at the price of Beyond Burgers and other meat substitutes and wonder how in the world you’re supposed to save money. If you’re going to be eating meat substitutes regularly then yes, it will be expensive. But if you stick to fruits, veggies, dry pasta, rice, and beans it may just be cheaper.



Reducing Animal Abuse

This list wouldn’t be complete without the main talking point of all those annoying vegans that everyone knows. Yes, animal abuse in the food industry happens at alarming levels. The best thing any person can do for the animals is to stop taking part in the animal agriculture industry, going vegan.


Stopping Climate Change

Did you know that the number one reason that the Amazon Rainforest is burned is to make more space for the growing of meat? It’s true! If you look at reports then you might think that it’s actually vegans who are responsible because the rainforest is being replaced with soy. But, that soy is actually being turned into animal feed to be sent around the world. Eating animal products is massively harmful to the environment and one of the leading industries causing climate change.

You see going vegan definitely has his benefits.  I have tried it a few times and have come up with a few very good recipes.  Please check out some of the health benefits too.




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