When You Have Freedom To Be Yourself: Interview With Taika Waititi #ThorRagnarok

I was invited to an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles courtesy of Disney to attend the #ThorRagnarokEvent & ABCTVEvent in exchange for my coverage. No other compensation was provided. All views shared are completely my own.
Photo Credit: Allison Waken

Sporting a pair of blue khakis, a shirt, and jean jacket, we all applauded as Taika Waititi walked in the room with a huge infectious grin!

Photo Credit: Allison Waken

I am still smitten by Taika’s presence. He was so comfortable being himself, it was inspiring.  His comedic charm came shining through during the entire interview. Every answer capturing his passion, wisdom, and excitement for the movie – I absolutely loved it. 


As we sat in that small, intimate meeting room and listened to Taika describe how he pitched Marvel and landed the role as director of Thor:Ragnarok.  He said,

”…a lot of people think it’s been about pitching stories.  I just think it’s just about assessing each other out, figuring out if you wanna hang out for two years. So, we went and hung out in Marvel offices and they were really great in those trailers and yeah, and I haven’t had any regrets.”


Photo Credit: Allison Waken

This answer really set the tone of the entire interview for me.  I truly connected with the man, person, and enthusiastic adult that had such a love for “colorful comics” and now had a chance to bring it to life.  Some believe that no one knows what you need to be truly happy other than yourself.  Well, I beg to differ.  Taika knew when you are yourself, it is easier to see what you want and what is truly important to you…and others.  He had the courage to allow the cast to be themselves and I believe it was due to the freedom he has at being himself. 

When asked, “Was there any performance that’s particularly surprised you?” He answered,

I knew Jeff would be that good.   But my favorite performance is Chris’s performance because just knowing how fun, how funny and charming he is makes you feel like oh, man if you actually were Thor I would totally come and be with you. I just love having the opportunity to give him free range to just be himself and to be charming and to be the favorite character. In particular him and Mark together, when they’re bouncing off each other I love that.”


Photo Credit: Marvel

Why is that bolded comment from Taika so important? As a mom I sometimes forget that I will never please myself if I am constantly trying to please other people.  Sometimes it’s my son or my husband. Other times it may be my mom, the moms in my Facebook group, or the other moms at Chance’s school.  Giving myself permission (as Taika did with the cast) to freely be myself is my way of showing the world the beauty of what makes me unique.


I have not always felt that no one can beat me being me.  Perhaps you’ve felt that way as well. People have said “you are the only you,” and in the moment, I agreed and gave my stamp of approval. But, I did not always believe it.  I had to work hard to be courageous and decide to freely be myself.  When I heard Taika say that he “loved” giving the talent free range to be themselves, I immediately knew I wanted to focus on that quote and share the importance of us moms giving ourselves free range to be ourselves. 

As I began to be more honest with myself and do what aligned to what I want, I gained more confidence. Has that ever happened to you?  I’ve realized life is too short not to be myself fully.  When I’m being my true self:

  • I am fearless, my confidence shines bright.
  • I am less concerned with how others feel about me.
  • I am naturally more attractive.

Taika knew that if he allowed the already talented actors to freely be themselves, he would get the best of who they are on the screen.  It’s true with you and I as well.  In just a few days on November 3rd, you can go see Thor: Ragnarok for yourself and you will see the results on Taika’s belief. In the meantime, follow Marvel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.


Photo Credit: Marvel

Are you fully being yourself? Have you decided that no one can beat you, being you? Please share your thoughts about this post, and share it with those in your circle that need to hear it.




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  1. This is a really great interview. I am so excited to go see Thor:Ragnarok. We are going to go for date night.

  2. Being yourself with all your qualities shining through will definitely leave you better in the long run. I love to see someone doing this in the movie making industry.

  3. Wowowow I can’t believe you were invited to such an exciting talk. My boyfriend would have loved this! He’s a great fan of Taika Waititi. We’re here staring in jealousy at the pics!

  4. I am a big Thor fan and will be there once it is in theaters. I love the message you got from Taika. I was just telling my daughter yesterday how I spent years trying to be who others thought I should be. It was exhausting. It is so much easier to be my quirky sometimes very blunt self.

  5. Wow!! This is such an awesome interview experience and Yes!! Being ourselves is so important thing. I am looking forward to watching these Thor movies with my kids.

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