Selecting A Baby Shower Invite That Speaks To Your Heart

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I still remember my baby showers. Yes, I said “showers”, I had four baby showers for one baby.  I must admit, I was reluctant to have more than one baby shower.  I didn’t want anyone to feel pressured to plan the shower, spend money buying food or bringing gifts.  I struggle with receiving gifts, eight years ago it was even harder. 


 Then a friend reminded me of the five miscarriages that we had endured. And now that we were well into the pregnancy, everyone wanted to celebrate with us.  So, I agreed. I allowed myself to celebrate the honor of being a mom.  It was such a beautiful celebration – all four of them were.


 I’m usually the one planning baby showers, weddings, and birthday parties for my friends and family.  So, when my friends and family wanted to honor us with baby showers, I felt so blessed.  But I couldn’t just sit back rubbing my belly.  No ma’am!  I was adamant about being part of the planning of every single shower, but I was banned.  
They were however, gracious enough to allow me to cut the cake…and I did!  It wasn’t that I didn’t trust my family and friends with my shower, I just wanted to help. Do you know what I mean? Did you want to be involved  in your baby shower?

about-to eat-baby-shower-cake

I just love selecting the invitations, décor and the cake. Especially when these things tie into a theme that speaks to the heart of the mom-to-be.  It’s so exciting! 



If you’re planning a baby shower, birthday party or any special occasion, selecting invitations is made easy with Basic Invite.   With so many designs, you can select the perfect invitation for your event along with thank-you cards.  At Basic Invite, you can create a baby shower invitation as unique as you are!


My friends and family did a great job with my showers. They were very special, and I got cake!  Do you have special memories from your baby showers?  Perhaps you need help selecting the invitation that speaks to your heart? Please visit and share your baby shower story with me!


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  1. Baby showers are some of my favorite things to go to. They’re always happy events where you get to hear funny stories of everyone’s kids, and get tips on parenting from those who have gone before. ps: You look too cute in your Babylicious tee. Made me smile!

  2. Lovely pics! A new baby brings positive energy to home and baby showers are the best events. Looking at your pics puts a smile on my face 🙂

  3. Baby showers are the sweetest and most memorable time for parents to be, this seems like a great place for invitations.

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