How To Find Your Happiness

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There are times in everyone’s life where it feels like nothing we do matters. Where we are just generally unhappy with our lives and we don’t know how to get out of the rut we’re in. First off, if you’re there I want you to know that it will be ok. This too shall pass. But, it will take some work. Maybe not a lot or maybe it will be something you will be working towards for a while. But, if you have your heart set on it, you will be able to find your happiness.


Make a List of What Makes You Unhappy

Finding happiness begins by acknowledging the things that make you unhappy in your life. It’s important to make a list of everything that makes you unhappy, and I do mean everything because those little things will add up. Maybe it’s your cats waking you up just as the sun has come up, or maybe it’s something bigger like your job. Make a list of everything currently going on in your life that makes you unhappy.


Brainstorm How to Fix Your Happiness

Once you’ve got your list it’s time to start thinking about how to fix those problems. Do you hate your job? Is there anything you can do to make your job better? If not, then maybe it’s time to start looking for another. Does your son forget to put the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom? Maybe hang up a sign on the bathroom door reminding him to do it. Try to come up with at least one solution for everything that makes you unhappy. Don’t be afraid of dreaming big here either. Maybe what will make you happier is moving across the country. Put it all down, even if it seems too big.


Create Action Steps

Once you’ve finished finding solutions to everything that is making you unhappy it’s time to start picking which solution you will do. This is where you might decide between going back to college or looking for a new job. Don’t be afraid to take some time to consider your options. Just remember that the longer you wait, the longer you will be chasing your happiness. Some of the things on your list might be more obvious in terms of a solution. If mowing the lawn was on your list then consider hiring a neighborhood teen to do the job for you. It would be a lot easier than ripping out all your grass and replacing it with something else. Once you’ve decided how you want to solve the problem it’s time to get started on seeing them through. Dedicate yourself to spending an hour a day looking for a new job or start researching towns you might want to move to. Then start doing it. But, this isn’t the end…oh no, we’re just getting started.


Have a List of Dreams

By this point, you’ve made a list of everything that makes you unhappy and you’re working on fixing those things, but that’s only the beginning. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suddenly happy. This is because bringing you out of unhappiness takes you to a neutral midpoint where you aren’t unhappy, but you aren’t really happy either. Though maybe for some getting rid of what makes you unhappy was enough to make you happy. But, that isn’t the case for everyone. That’s when you get to start dreaming. It’s time to make another list, this one is a list of dreams, and once again the sky is the limit. Have a list of everything you want to do in life from the small things like learning to knit to the big life choices like moving to another country or starting your own homestead.


Find the Solution and Create Action Steps to Happiness

Now that you have your list, you know what to do. Just like with the things that make you unhappy, it’s time to work out how to get yourself to those dreams and then, start planning out the steps to get there. Now, this might be a little bit more complicated. Owning a homestead and traveling the world don’t go together very well. So this is where you decide if you’re going to give up on one of those dreams, or realize that you can’t do both and instead decide to do one after the other. Figure out how to get yourself from where you are now to where you want to be, come up with a plan for getting yourself there, and then start doing it.

Do you occasionally need to find your happiness?  I hope this list helps when you go through times of struggle.

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LaToyia, The Motivated Mom


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