How To Adjust Your Child’s Bedtime Routine

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Getting your kids back into the routine of going to bed and getting up for school is a struggle. But, there are a few things you can do to make it all go a little more smoothly. Little things that help them get back into the routine. This is how to adjust your child’s bedtime routine for going back to school.


Get Them Used to a Bedtime Again

Start by getting them used to the idea of having a bedtime. If you have a lot of time leading up to the start of school start with bedtime being just a little bit before when they’ve been naturally going to bed over the summer. Then you can slowly make it a little bit earlier in baby steps until you’re at the point where they would normally have to go to bed for school. Try to aim for them to be back at their school time a week before they actually start. This will give their bodies time to adjust to their new sleep routine.


Start Waking Them at the Normal School Time

While you’re working on getting their bedtime routine back to a normal also start getting them up in the mornings at their normal time for school. In the beginning, they may actually struggle to reach their bedtime and if that’s the case then move their bedtime rather than waiting to do it incrementally. Having them get used to waking up at their normal time will help give structure to their day.

While you’re getting them used to waking up for school this is also a great time to get them back into their morning routine. Have them eat breakfast, get dressed, brush their hair and teeth just like they would if they were going to school, this will make it easier for them when school starts back up again.


Restrict Screens Before Bed

Get your kids into the habit of turning off screens at least an hour before bed if not two hours. This will help them get to sleep easier and give them a more restful night’s sleep. It can even have a knock-on effect on their grades if they keep it up throughout the school year. This is also a good time to restrict food and drinks with the exception of water. Their bodies won’t be getting the best quality sleep if they’re processing food, sugar, or caffeine.


Implement Wind Down Time

Finally, implement a family wind downtime. This is that time of the night when the lights are dimmed. Everyone has a glass of water or a cup of tea. If anyone has trouble sleeping a nice mint tea, chamomile, or a sleepy time tea with valerian root is perfect. During this time of the night, there are no toys to play with, nothing to watch on tv. You can put some quiet classical or jazz music on to have some background noise if you like.

This is the time for your family to read or have gentle mentally stimulating conversations. The idea is that you’re winding down and getting your body ready to climb under the covers. Have your kids already in their PJs, teeth brushed, so when they feel tired they can just go to bed.

How are you getting your kiddo back in a bedtime routine?  Please share, we would love to hear from you.

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