I’m A Social Justice Warrior Kinda Mom: Interview With Phoebe Waller-Bridge (L3-37) #HanSoloEvent

I am so grateful to have been selected to attend the SOLO: A Star Wars Story movie premiere and press junket as a blogger for Disney.  It gave me an opportunity to meet so many amazing people, including L3-37 played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.


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I LOVED the character L3-37 in SOLO.  She’s this spunky, confident, radical thinking female bot that is at heart (if she had one) a true activist.  The real L3, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an English actress, writer, playwright, and director. She graced the screen by way of this super dope droid, so I was not all at surprised that she’s pretty dope as well.


Photo Credit: Louise Bishop @momstart.com

I was surprised to hear that prior to her being cast as L3 for SOLO, she had not seen a Star Wars movie and did not know what anything about a droid.  She said, “Yeah, I think there’s like five of us in the world.  Which I think in some ways might have worked in my favor.  The thing is, especially from the droid perspective, because I was very loose in the audition with the idea of what a droid was.” 


I could hardly believe it when she said it because she was amazing as a droid.  L3 is one of my absolute favorite characters in SOLO.  Phoebe described her as

a social justice warrior, she’s a droid with an agenda that goes beyond her own existence, and that’s very unique.”

I absolutely agree with Phoebe, that’s what made her one of my favs.  As the Motivated Mom, it is my goal to help moms to be great women, extraordinary moms – so that we raise better children.  Of all the things that I’ve done in my life, this is one of the most rewarding.  Outside of being a mom, it is what I was created to do.  I could spend my days advocating for early education and helping moms live a life of purpose, in abundance, financially free.  That would make me MORE happy!


Photo Credit: Louise Bishop @momstart.com

Like Phoebe, I’m smiling so big right now!!!  I love having a cause, a purpose in life that makes it easier to get through the rough times.  Another thing that does this for me is being present with my family…especially my son.  So, when we asked Phoebe about the best lessons and/or advice she received from Ron Howard (Director) or Donald Glover (Lando), her response hit home.  She said,

They are both so relaxed. And such consummate professionals. But there’s a real sense of just being able to be really present with both of them, and I really learnt that from them.  Just letting go of everything and letting your instincts speak first.”

As I read over my notes, this was underlined.  I was really convicted because while I would like to – no, I would love to be fully present with my family, I am not majority of the time.  And when she said it, I remember getting teary eyed.  Years ago, my son was about 4 maybe 5 years old.  I was working a lot, even when I made it home from work…I was still working.  He was talking to me and while I was talking back, I was emailing a message on my phone.  My baby said, “mommy, talk to me with your eyes.”  Just writing this bring tears to my eyes.  NO MORE EXCUSES!  I too am gleaning from Ron and Donald’s example and intentionally being present. 


Photo Credit: Disney/Lucasfilms

As moms, we want to teach our children the importance of giving back, supporting causes that tugs at their heart strings and how to enjoy being in the moment.    Most times, Chance is teaching me these things.  And boy am I thankful that he gets it.    

When I think about the impact of SOLO and the inspiration I’ve received from the cast, it takes me back to Phoebe’s statement about what inspirational message does she hope people would take from the film.  She said, “it’s a film celebrating individuality and individual causes and having courage of your own convictions.” I’ve seen the film, and she’s right.  It’s a film that will inspire you to overcome obstacles, fight for a cause, and find the good in yourself in order to be good to others.


There are so many amazing movies coming out and SOLO: A Star Wars Story is certainly one of them.  It will be in theaters on tomorrow, May 25th.  It is my favorite Star Wars movie to date, it made me a real Star Wars fans…much like Phoebe.




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