A Message To The Mom Of A Dreamer

Hey Moms (and Dads)!  As you may recall, I attended the Disney Dreamer Academy again this year as press.  Once again, I had an opportunity to attend sessions for the teens and their parents, interview the speakers and celebrity talent, learn more about the Disney brand and its Cast Members…..and just experience in a different way, the magic of Disney through the eyes of a dreamer! 


Photo Credit: Disney Dreamer Academy

At the Disney Dreamer Academy, the Dreamers experience what is called Dreamer Inspiration where they learn more about the transformational power of dreams that will open a new world of possibilities for them and their future.  “Disney Dreamers Academy is a power-packed, 4-day event held annually at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, in which 100 select high school students, ages 13-19, are inspired to dream big and get a jump-start on making those dreams come true!”



As a mom of a nine-year old that believes that he will one day become a “Missionary” Pediatrician (he wants to travel all of the world and care for children), I know full well that it is an enormous job being the mom of a Dreamer.  I also feel blessed that I am trusted with such an amazing life to help shape, encourage, inspire, motivate and love.  I am fully aware that all children are not sure exactly what they want to be in life, and that we are parenting some “free spirits” and that’s okay too.  That is why this opportunity is so very important.  Last year I interviewed Disney Executive, Tracy Powell and she gave her top 3 reasons why parents should encourage their children to apply to the Disney Dreamer Academy and I want to share those reasons with you again.

1.      It’s a once in a lifetime experience that can change the trajectory of your child’s life.

2.      It’s a unique way to experience Walt Disney World.

3.      The connections parents have with their kid help to evolve the dreamer.


High school students learn engineering principles during an Imagineering and engineering workshop Friday, March 9, 2018, as part of Disney Dreamers Academy with Steve Harvey and ESSENCE at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The 11th annual Disney Dreamers Academy, taking place March 8-11, 2018, is a career-inspiration program for distinguished high school students from across the U.S. (Gregg Newton, photographer)

Listen, she is absolutely correct!   As a Mom-Dreamer I know that when dreamers are passionate about something, not only are they more apt to pursue it, they have less time for trouble and things that could potentially detour their path and steal their dreams.

Wednesday, October 31st is the last day to apply to the 2019 Disney Dreamers Academy program.  The program will help your child convert their dreams into goals and create a plan to make those goals a reality.  Potential Dreamers must be between the ages of 13-19, enrolled in high school, grades 9th through 12th and living in the United States. 

When our children believe they can be great, have a destiny and future ahead of them, they tend to avoid risky behaviors. Moms of dreamers this is your reminder to encourage your child to apply today?

If you have a child that fits the qualifications mentioned above, submit the application NOW.



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