Woody Harrelson And The Gratitude Factor: SOLO Interview #HanSoloEvent

I was overly excited when I heard that we would be interviewing Woody Harrelson for his role as Beckett is SOLO: A Star Wars Story.


I have been a serious fan of Woody Harrelson since Cheers.  I remember getting ready for my 5th grade graduation from Sherman Oaks Elementary and there was a contest on the radio.  They played the song and the listener had to call in and give the name of the television show associated with that song.  I called 1000 times because I knew it was Cheers. No, I never got through.


As I sat down at the end of the table listening intently to him talk about his experiences, I could not wipe the smile off my face if I tried.  Probably because he was smiling from the moment he walked in, until he left.  He was hilarious!


Photo Credit: Louise Bishop @momstart.com

He was sked if there was a secret to his smile, and if it was a real Woody Harrelson life hack.  He said,

I do feel like a pretty genuinely happy person.  And I think part of it, a big part of it is just gratitude.  I’m very grateful for the life I have.  I feel like all of us who do movies and probably all of you write about movie, we’re breathing a bit of a rarified air.

 Now, this comment made my day. Primarily because there are so many people that we like and admire on screen, and it is nice to know that they have qualities to admire in real life as well.  Gratitude is such an important characteristic.  He went on to say,

And I feel really lucky because there was a point in which I kind of gave up and it was early on.  I hadn’t even got a job yet and I just was like, I don’t think I can do it.  And I don’t know how to crack it.  And so yeah gratitude.

 Felling stuck and giving up is a feeling that is very familiar.  And if you aren’t carefully, those emotions can cause you to truly feel helpless.  I can see how gratitude is important to Woody because had he given up…he would have missed out on being who has become.  I am so glad that he didn’t give up. Aren’t you? 


As a mom, I am constantly praying that my son is grateful.  I have shared the stories around the difficulty of pregnancy and even the false diagnosis of a miscarriage when I was 3 months pregnant with him.  His name is Chance because God gave him a chance at life. 


Woody’s perspective applies directly to my life.  I want to be a mom that leads by example. I want to teach my son by showing gratitude and thanksgiving for what I’ve been given.  I want him to see my gratefulness and adopt it as his own. And when he feels stuck or begin to doubt his ability to make it, I want him to remember to be grateful and content with where he is and what he has. Because, I believe being content with gratitude creates promotion. 


Photo Credit: Disney/Lucasfilms

Now don’t be alarmed Woody Harrelson plays Beckett in SOLO: A Star Wars Story and “Beckett” is not as nice as our friend Woody.  No spoilers here, so check it out TODAY, May 25th in theaters everywhere.

What are your thoughts on gratitude? What are your takeaways from his interview? Please share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you!



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