How 3 Women Are Creating A Financial Legacy

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

 I’ve been a ambassador for Prudential for years now.  They have supported The Motivated Tour, Motivated Mom Retreat, and I have spoken on their behalf at several other events including American Black Film Festival (ABFF).  This year, I attended ABFF as an influencer for Prudential and this amazing Legacy Lives On campaign.

The #LegacyLivesOn campaign includes a documentary created by Urban One in partnership with Prudential which explores the economic challenges of American Americans through the lens of three determined women on the path to financial wellness. I was inspired by these women and their journey to create a legacy.



They are beautiful inside and out.  After watching the documentary and meeting them, I had to share a little more about them.  They are…..

Women Building A Financial Legacy  



Tulsa’s Legacy Builder – Onikah Asamoa-Caesar

It’s hard to believe that Onikah grew up in the foster care system from the age of nine.  After being placed in several homes she was separated from her siblings.  However, Onikah was adopted by her foster parents while in college.

With a master’s degree in education Onikah works for a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide children with an equal opportunity through parent engagement, early education, and health care.  She has a passion for empowering the community through literacy and will be opening a local bookstore café.  She is building a legacy for herself and her family that includes serving the community of Tulsa.  Her story highlights the important lessons we can take from the past with a plan to build a solid future.  One of her favorite quotes is by Amadou Hampâté Bâ, a Malian writer and ethnologist which says, “whenever an elder dies, a library burns down.”


Atlanta’s Legacy Builder – Jewel Burks-Solomon

She’s no stranger to hard work.  Jewel was a successful tech industry employee turned entrepreneur who sold her technology company to Amazon. 

With a huge acquisition under her belt, Jewel gives credit to her mother who made sure that financial literacy was a topic of discussion in their home, helping her build a strong perspective on wealth building.  She is now building her legacy by helping African American women create business models, raise capital and team build to launch and grow their startups.  The documentary gives you a peek into Jewel’s life and shows how the spirit of one person can generate opportunities that lead to financial wellness for others. 


 Detroit’s Legacy Builder – Audrey Hurst

Driven by passion and self-awareness, this millennial mother of three is on a mission to obtain financial wellness.  She’s a newlywed, a new homeowner and a new mom for the third time. 

Audrey struggled monthly with her finances.  Through a tough loss, she received an inheritance that gave her some relief to build her financial future.  She has turned to dFree for help and guidance to leave a legacy for her children as her mother did for her.  You will see her true Detroit spirit shine through as she personifies how a legacy of perseverance is as valuable as money.


If you have not had a chance to watch the Legacy Lives On documentary, you can watch it here.  It provokes an honest conversation about the unique financial wellness challenges that African Americans face and celebrate how we are transcending a legacy of injustice to build a financial wellness legacy. 

Have you started building your financial legacy? If not, its not too late to start.  Prudential offers several services that can help you become financially well.  Visit Prudential’s Legacy Planning website for the tools and resources to build your legacy starting today!



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  1. “Whenever an elder dies, a library burns down.” Wow, what a great quote! So important to hold on to the collective wisdom of prior generations.

  2. Wow, this is a great read. Inspiring and so important to make certain that we all plan for future success.

  3. Women who are motivated, self-starters really are some that I admire! These 3, strong women are such admirable role models for young girls and older!

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