Plan A Family Friendly Vacation Abroad

Family vacations don’t have to include theme parks or junior ranger programs, though there’s nothing wrong with those. They can be trips to wonderful locations around the world that will leave the kids in awe as much as the parents. But, depending on where you want to go it can be quite expensive to travel that way. That’s why I’ve put together a list of a few locations that make fantastic, budget-friendly family vacations abroad.



I think Canada is the one destination on this list that you could potentially drive to if you wanted. Canada has so many different things it offers that it’s impossible to pick just one place. If you’re looking for a city break head to Toronto where you’ll be close to Niagara Falls and have an incredible city to explore. If you prefer nature Banff National Park is pretty much the Yosemite Valley of Canada. For a little bit of nature and a little bit of city head to Vancouver. Keep in mind Canada isn’t necessarily the cheapest destination, however, its real perks are in the travel distance and the fact that they speak English (almost) everywhere.

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While Hawaii is part of the United States its distance and differences in culture make it feel like you’re in a completely different country so for that reason I HAD to include it on the list. From hiking up mountains to lounging on the beach Hawaii has a lot to offer no matter what it is you’re looking for. It is a one of a kind experience where you don’t have to worry about having a passport or changing your money to visit. Best of all flights to Hawaii are getting cheaper all the time, it isn’t rare to see flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii under $250 per person.  You can also look into Disney Aulani, you and your family will absolutely LOVE the property.

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If you want to experience Italy without paying Italy prices the island of Malta is the place for your family. Malta is a little bit Italy, a little bit Northern African, and a little bit of England all mixed in.  It has some of the oldest buildings in the world as well as gorgeous beaches and filming locations for Game of Thrones and Gladiator. There’s a whole lot going on for this amazing location and best of all it is incredibly cheap.  

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Chiang Mai

Thailand is a popular cheap destination for families for a good reason and nowhere shows that better than Chiang Mai. With more than 200 temples to explore, Chiang Mai is a wonderfully preserved historic district.  The amazing culture it’s a fantastic city to introduce your kids to Asia with. It is a popular destination for Americans who are looking for somewhere that works well with their alternative lifestyle.

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Jolly Beach Resort – Antigua

If you’re looking for a resort that won’t break the bank you can’t go wrong with Jolly Beach Resort. This is a resort that is built specifically with the family in mind. There are kids only pools, dance classes, and kids can even learn how to sail. Which means you can spend your time lounging on the beach and enjoying a relaxing vacation.

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These vacation options sound amazing right?  With proper planning you and your family can enjoy an affordable vacation abroad.  Perhaps you are like me and plan your vacations out.  Well, start planning now for later this year or next year.  Happy vacationing!!!!




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  1. Great list of places for families to travel abroad. I have never been to another country before maybe someday. Though, I have been to Hawaii and love it! I wish I could go back to Hawaii it’s so pretty there! Thanks for sharing these vacation spots.

    1. Its is hard to know if you are getting a good deal. That’s why I rely on resources that I trust…travel agents or travel sites.

  2. All of these have been on my travel list. I’ve made it to two but still need to tackle the rest.

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