Why Learning Music is So Important For Kids

These days there are fewer and fewer kids signing up to take part in school bands, and the budgets for these bands are shrinking all the time. But you will always hear the parents of these band kids talking about the fact that learning music as a child is important. They rarely go into why it is so important for kids to learn music though. I’m here to explain why learning music is so important for kids, reasons why you might want to start teaching your kids music right away.


why learning music is so important


Helps Memorization

Memorization is a big part of learning to play music, even when you’re performing off of sheet music. You’re constantly memorizing things while you play music. Just like weight lifting works out your muscles to make lifting boxes easier, memorizing music helps people of all ages with memorization. It will help with remember the quadratic equation or remembering famous Shakespearean quotes.


Better SAT Scores

A study was published that showed kids who had experience with performing and appreciating music scored better on the SAT than those who didn’t. There can be as much as a 63 point improvement on the verbal section and in math, music students performed 44 points higher on average. This means better college opportunities and they will have more scholarship opportunities open up to them.


Fights Stress

Music has this wonderful impact on our minds that will make us less stressed. Even if that music is heavy metal. But the soothing types of music that you would play in a concert band goes a step further in helping kids relax. Not only does this improve their mental health, but it can also improve how they perform in school day to day.


More Self Confidence

Learning music gives a huge boost to your confidence. There is nothing quite like that moment when a piece you’ve been learning comes together and is recognizable. Music teachers are also fantastic sources of positive reinforcement. The boost you get from your music teacher telling you that you did a good job is one of those things that will put a smile on your face for the whole day.


Helps Develop Language and Reasoning

The areas of your brain that develop language skills and reasoning are the same areas that are developed when learning music. The earlier that you start learning music, the sooner that part of your brain starts to develop. This is one of the biggest reasons it is so important to start teaching children music as young as possible. You can find 3-year-olds on Youtube putting on beautiful performances on the violin. It really is never too early to start.


Enhances Creativity

Learning music helps kids develop their creativity. It helps them think outside the box and look at things from new angles. Music can also help create a positive attitude about learning, which not only encourages kids to stay in school, but it also encourages their curiosity.



Teaches Discipline

While music is helping develop a creative mind it is also teaching discipline. They will learn that they have to wait their turn to play as well as the importance of setting aside time to practice. When they practice an instrument they love they will be able to see how they improve thanks to their practice, something that isn’t always obvious in other hobbies.




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