Last Minute Unique Ways Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, but instead of going out to dinner why not go for something a little bit more unique? Maybe something that is a bit more your style. I’ve put together a list of a few different unique Valentine’s Day ideas that you and your Valentine might enjoy doing this year just to spice things up a bit. This is the perfect time to try out something you’ve never done before.


Stream a Virtual Concert

Virtual Concerts are going to be very popular this year, and hopefully for years to come. Josh Groban is one of the many “romantic” musicians who have said they will be holding virtual concerts for Valentine’s Day 2021. Get in some wine or champagne and cuddle up on the couch together for the concert.


Stargaze Together

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a clear sky then stargazing is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Head out somewhere with little light pollution and keep your fingers crossed for no clouds. Sky Map and StarTracker are two excellent apps if you want to know what it is you’re looking at. Be sure to dress for the cold, bring a big blanket to snuggle under, and something nice to drink. This time I recommend coffee or tea over wine just because it’s likely to be COLD.



Take a Virtual Cocktail Class

One of the new things that have come about thanks to the pandemic is the virtual cocktail class. You will get your drinks a few days in advance of the class and then at the scheduled time you’ll learn how to mix cocktails like a professional. If you want to find one in your area just do a Google search for Virtual Cocktail classes in your town.



It may not be very romantic, but volunteering together is a fantastic way to serve your community and also learn more about your Valentine. Get in touch with your local soup kitchen or animal shelter and see if they have any ways you can volunteer on Valentine’s Day. You may end up serving dinner to the homeless or you might end up taking a few dogs from the local shelter for a walk.



Have a Dance Party for Two

Create a playlist of some of your favorite songs to dance to, then add in a few 90s R&B love songs and you’ve got yourself the start of a dance party for two. Get all dressed up too! Pick a nice dress, do your hair, and put on your face. Go all out even if you aren’t going out.


Go on a Bike Ride

A nice leisurely bike ride along a bike path or somewhere else cars are unlikely to be is a fantastic date idea. You can bring a picnic with you so you can stop partway through your ride for a romantic break. Be sure to include some wet wipes in your picnic so you can wipe down when you stop.



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