The Mom’s Guide To Really Shining This Summer

Everybody shines during the summer. With the warm weather, a chance to get a gorgeous glowing tan, and all the endless outdoor activities, summer is one of the ultimate seasons to show off your best self. As moms, summer is always an insanely busy time. With the kiddos home for the summer and busy activities, it might feel as if we hardly have any time to devote to ourselves. Because every mom deserves to feel her very best, here are some tips to make your summer as perfect as possible.


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Do What Makes You Happy

It doesn’t take much to realize that doing the things that you enjoy most will no doubt make you feel the happiest. Even with busy schedules, make it a priority to add in the things that make you happy. Whether it’s going to a yoga class, downtime with your friends or  a shopping day, you deserve to treat yourself to all the things that make you feel like the best version of yourself. If you find it hard to add in you-time within your busy day, simply schedule it in! Dropping the kids off at summer camp for the day? Use the opportunity afterwards to go grab yourself a coffee. Have some free time in the morning? Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Even putting in you-time just once or twice a week will help make a difference.


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Buy Yourself Brand New Swimwear

What’s a better way to enter into the summer season than by buying yourself brand new swimwear? It’s time to get rid of that old washed out bikini you’ve had for years and grab that makes you feel as confident as ever. As your kids are begging you to take them to the beach or pool parties, you can get some use out of your new swimsuit! While shopping for the perfect one piece or bikini can be a struggle in it of itself, use a bikini fit guide to help steer you towards the perfectly fitting swimwear. Once you find the right one, you’ll be feeling so confident you’ll be dying to show it off!


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Revamp Your Beauty Routine

With the gorgeous summer glow you’re guaranteed to get, use the opportunity to highlight it with a revamped beauty routine. Even though we all have our set beauty regimens that we’re comfortable with, adding a little change to your beauty routine is always fun. Whether it’s adding a touch of highlighter to your cheeks or applying a bright turquoise colored eyeliner, there are all kinds of ways to refresh our summer makeup style. If you really want to revamp your beauty routine, consider making a change to your hair. Dying your hair a fun color with a semi-permanent hair dye will give you those mermaid vibes you’ve always wish you had! Whether it’s experimenting with new makeup colors or going through a hair revival, a beauty switch-up will surely help make your summer the best yet.


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 Take a Vacation

Who doesn’t love the chance to get away? With the kids on school break, summer is the perfect time to take a family vacation. Whether it’s taking a trip to Cape Cod or going camping, a getaway is the perfect way to shine. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are all kinds of affordable vacation ideas that are perfect for the family and won’t break the bank. If your kids are away for the summer, use the opportunity to plan a romantic getaway with your significant other. As every couple needs alone time.  A getaway could be the perfect opportunity for romance and to get away from all the hustle and bustle. No matter what you decide to do, taking a vacation will make your summer even more special.

Are you ready to SHINE?  Chances are you already are.  But just in case you needed a reminder I hope you my tips help.  If you have ways to encourage us to shine, please share them below.




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