My 2023 Word And Phrase For The Year

It’s February, the first day of Black History Month, and I am confirming my word and phrase for 2023.  I don’t recall having a word or phrase to describe my year in 2022, but if I had to pick one in hindsight, I would choose eye-opening as that allows me to put in perspective all of 2022 in a positive light.

This year, my word is “heal” so that I can adequately “make room” for all God has for me, which is my phrase. I understand that I must be intentional about healing because I desire to make more room for God to fill me up.  Have you ever had a moment, experience, or circumstance that caused you to have an epiphany, the realization,’ whether that be a revelation, a new perspective, or seeing reality in a new light?  Well, I did, and it was an eye-opening experience that helped me to see my need for healing.


When I thought about what it meant to heal, I didn’t realize the depth of holistic healing.  It wasn’t until I looked up the definition of healing that I completely understood what I needed.  Webster said to heal is:

  • to make free from injury or disease: to make sound or whole, heal a wound
  • to make well again: to restore to health, heal the sick
  • to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome: mend the troubles
  • to patch up or correct a breach or division, heal a breach between friends
  • to restore to original purity or integrity, healed of sin
  • to become free from injury or disease: to return to a sound state

Wow!  I suddenly knew that this year would be the year I intentionally healed from things I did not even know were hurting me.  And honestly, friends, that’s the type of healing I absolutely need.  I’m certain I will end the year feeling better about myself and healed from all the hurt places of my life.



Now, while 2022 was challenging, as I looked back over my post for the year, I used the phrase “make room” a lot, especially in scripture.  A week or two into December, I saw a post it said, “your next chapter is called make room.” And when I tell y’all, I felt that in my spirit, I did.  I knew without a doubt that God was using social media that day.


So, while I continue to heal, I will also make room for authenticity. I’m making room for God to do with my life what He intended. I’m making room to have the desires of my heart. Im making room to be the difference I want to see in the world. I am clearing space to allow all God has for me to fit into my life. Making room will take some intentionality as well.  Over this year, I am dedicated to making room by:

  • Praying More – for God to make me more like Him.
  • Self-Reflecting More – changing how I think about myself so I can take control of my own story.
  • Let Go – Don’t lie to me by holding on to things that are wasting my time.

That’s a short list, but as you all know, healing and making room takes a lot of effort.  It is more complex than I can ever explain in one blog post.  That is why I will document my journey and progress throughout the year.  Please stay tuned as I begin this fantastic journey!



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