Encourage and Support Your Children to Pursue Their Dreams

Encourage And Support Your Children To Pursue Their Dreams

I didn’t always get the support and encouragement needed to feel empowered to pursue my dreams. I only recall sharing my real dreams, the inner most desires with one person in my family…my grandmother.  

And while she believed in her heart that I could and would be someone special, she did not always know how to properly position me for achievement.

She believed in her heart that I could and would be someone special, she did not always know how

It’s been a little more than a year that I quit my job to become a fulltime mompreneur.  I suppose my son Chance didn’t realize it right way.  But about six months ago, he asked “mommy why don’t you go to work anymore?”

As I sat at my desk, I immediately stop typing and adjusted my attention to his little face. I said, “I do work buddy”, he said “but you don’t leave the house like you use to.” “I’m an entrepreneur, I work for myself right here at home, I replied.  The look on his face told me that his mind was working, he asked a few questions about being an entrepreneur, I answered them and he went on about his business. 

About two weeks later he came to me with a look of excitement and said “mom, I want to be an entrepreneur like you.” “That’s awesome” I responded. He immediately says “I know exactly what I want my business to be, I have the name too.”   

I instantly smiled and forced my eyes not to cry, because I was so proud of him and I had not even heard the type of business he had in mind.  But it didn’t matter, I was overjoyed that I played a role in helping him define and pursue his dream.

Mom, I want to be an entrepreneur like you


As I held back the tears and asked him to tell me about his business.  He said “mom my business is Chance’s Camping Club, and I want to help kids without dads learn to camp.” Needless to say, I started to cry. I was so proud of him and his little giving heart.  I told him that I was extremely proud of him and his decision. And that I would help him start and build his business. 

Before he walked away, I said “Chance, you know it’s really interesting that you selected a camping business especially since you’ve never been camping.”  He said, “I know, daddy can teach me to camp along with a few others boys at the same time.  We can start by putting a few tents in our backyard with a fire pit since it’s so big.  That way the boys won’t be afraid of the woods.”

Daddy can tach me how to camp

A few months later I filed for his business license, and for Christmas he received his first tent to operate his business.  His reaction to the tent was confirmation that he really wanted to make Chance’s Camping Club a reality.  I learned so much about my kid and about being a parent during this process. 

Here are a few things I learned that I believe will help to you encourage and support your children when pursuing their dreams.

Encourage and Support His Dreams

His dreams and aspirations were not what I had in mind or ever imagined for him, but that doesn’t mean that I avoid my responsibility to encourage him to pursue them.  Their dreams are for them, not you. No matter how big or small, when you give them permission to dream by supporting them, you open them up to a greater chance of achievement.

Be the Example 

As a mom, I was overjoyed to know – in that moment that I truly was his Shero!  I was happy that I had influenced my son, I was his example of what he could potentially be.  Fostering an environment of success in your home, allows your child to see you living your best life daily.

Love Unconditionally

Just as your dreams changed throughout your life, so will theirs as they grow. Remain encouraging and supportive as they find their passions, gifts and strengths. Empowering them to have the confidence to follow their heart and try new things, is another way of showing them how much you love them.

Chance and mommy

Helping Chance find his way is my top mom responsibility, and it’s your responsibility to your child.  We’ve never been camping as a family, I don’t have a camping memory that I can share with him, but I really want support him and give Chance an opportunity to experience a piece of his dream. 

If he is going to help other children learn and experience camping, he first must know what it means, how it feels, and all the joy and wonder of camping for himself.  Our goal is to plan our first camping trip this year. That’s why I’m entering the KOA Great Outdoors Adventure sweepstakes through Hispancize.

I am so happy to have an opportunity to share this story with you. I am beyond blessed to acknowledge it as my story; and I truly believe that it can be your story too.  Have you been struggling with encouraging your children in dreams that you did not have for them? Please share your thoughts and share it with those who may need these tips.


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  1. Wow that is just amazing. It took me so many years of my life to even decide to do blogging on the side to school. You’re such a good role model to your son. Kudos.

  2. It’s really all about giving them the help and support that they need. I love how supportive you are of your son. In a way we somehow lacked that kind of support from our parents.

  3. Indeed every parent must support their children’s dream. I’m glad you are doing it with your kid. Parents should always be their helping hand and guide in following their dreams.

  4. It’s really important to love and support your kid unconditionally ..Love the way you deal with your son 🙂

  5. Giving your children the love and support they need to be whatever they want is so important! A parent must do they best they can do to help their kids in the right direction.

  6. OMGoodness…what a sweet idea, and I love how he followed through with it. He really took the time and gave it a lot of thought. I wish you luck in the sweepstakes!

  7. Love this topic! I would always love and support my kids in everything that they want to achieve and to their dreams

  8. I always want to support my son on what he want to be soon, Parent was always there for their kids

  9. this is actually the best family oriented post i have read in a while. always the right kick that child need to kick start that journey to live the dream they desire. i will share this to a few friends in the young family cycle.

  10. This is such an inspiring and encouraging read. I loved the heartfelt personal examples you shared. It is absolutely necessary to encourage and provide examples for our children.

  11. I agree.. Your kids are little yous and not a doll for doing things you couldnt do… Well sometimes its overlapping. What I want to say is: Listen to your kids. If they want to play drums let them, if they are bad at it they will stop and try something else. Let them find out themselves. Dont force them to play piano if they dont want to…

  12. I love that you were the role model of going after your dreams. How can we teach our kids to go after their dreams if we give up on our own? Chance’s dream of helping boys experience camping that don’t have dads, truly touched me.

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