How To Have Peace Amidst Chaos

Thanks to computers the world goes faster with more chaos, at times it can seem difficult to remember to breathe and be at peace. This has brought more work and with it more stress to our lives. Add children to the mix, aging parents, a spouse and it becomes pure chaos. At times it can feel like you’re trapped in a raging river being swept downstream without any control. Thankfully there are branches for you to grab on to, little moments of peace that you can hold on to and help you get your footing. I love the ocean, I find peace near water. I also find peace amidst chaos by doing the six things listed below.  


6 Ways To Find Peace


Take a Break

It is ok to take a break when you need one. I am giving you permission to have a break, and you need to give yourself permission too. Your break might be as simple as going for a walk alone. It could be going to an old friend’s house or it might be going out to a comedy night. Giving your mind, body, and soul a break from the chaos will leave you stronger and ready to continue.



Imagine yourself somewhere wonderfully serene, close your eyes and just exist in that moment. Deep breaths as you float away to another place, where the chaos of your life can’t reach you, even for just a few minutes. Finding just 10 minutes to do this every day will bring peace to your life and have a huge impact on the rest of your day. Once you get into the habit you’ll find that you crave that meditation time.


Look for the Silver Lining

There is always a silver lining to be found. It might be something as simple as your favorite song coming on the radio or the sound of the laughter of your children. Can’t immediately find any? Light a strong scented candle like a Yankee black cherry and enjoy. Let that candle act like an anchor, keeping you firmly grounded as chaos reigns around you.


Eliminate the Drama

When your life is filled with chaos the last thing you need is drama. Make the choice to walk away from people who bring drama in your life. If your social media is filled with politics then stay off social media. Getting into the debate and drama will only cause you further stress. If people in your life that you can’t or won’t cut out try to engage you in drama explain to them that it’s just too much for you right now and you can’t take the added stress. If those people can’t respect that then it may be time to reconsider their role in your life, even if just for a short time.


Get Out in Nature

Getting out in nature is kind of combining the idea of meditation with taking a break. There’s something so spiritual about walking in nature alone. Just you and the sound of birds or rushing water. It brings you back down to Earth and serves as a reminder that life does go on. If you can find somewhere you can take your shoes off and feel the grass and dirt under your feet, even better. Try to get at least 15 minutes of sun a day, your body will thank you for it.


Plan for the Future

Finally, make plans for the future. Don’t go too outlandish, make them plans that you could conceivably achieve. Sure, we’d all love to go to the Moon if we were given the chance, but chances are very slim any of us will ever make it. Examples of plans might be taking a couple of classes online next semester to help you find a job in a new field or it might be something bigger like a 10-year plan to move out into the country and become an alpaca farmer. Imagine yourself there, don’t worry about the logistics of how you’ll make it happen right now. That can come later when life has calmed down.


This is my life right now.  I am striving to live in peace amidst the chaos.  The activities listed above are helping me.  It is my hope that if you are in the same situation, it will help you to.  Please share tips or advice on how you are able to live in peace in the middle of chaotic environments.



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  1. These are all excellent suggestions! I keep my inner circle very small, which means very little drama. I also exercise daily to relive stress and that really seems to help.

  2. When I need a break I like to get outside. Where we used to live there were rapids nearby and I would just go and sit near them and just listen. So relaxing and peaceful. I still need to find a spot that does this for me in our new city.

  3. I try to eliminate drama and be rational when in chaos as much as possible. Also, taking a break and walking helps me a lot.

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